Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Middle Village residents blocked from their own driveways

From CBS 2:

Viewers called CBS2 with complaints, saying they’re parked in on their own driveways or parked out of their street in Middle Village due to a sewer project going on during the holidays.

Residents say their nerves are frayed.

The city’s Department of Design and Construction gave the green light to a $22 million capital sewer replacement project following decades of flooding on streets build over the landfill there.

The massive dig is taking years and the contractor has been on 74th Street since September.

“It’s major,” homeowner Gemma Cullen said. “You can’t get in the driveway. They block you in, you can’t get out.”

Parking tickets are a whopping $115.

“How can the residents here have company over for the holidays,” homeowner Jane Del Rosa said. “They can’t park anywhere.”

The contractor and the city have asked for patience and say the project is on target. Queens community board five is acting as a watchdog.


JQ LLC said...

That street looks like a scrapyard.

So all that shit is going to be left out in the street for 2 weeks? What if a blizzard occurs?

I am going to surmise that guy who lamely said that the construction will be done shortly is a member of the CB.

Unknown said...

At least those residents won't have sewet problems anymore. People have to deal with their streets getting fixed , this kind of work won't happen overnight.

Anonymous said...

I get that it's inconvenient and a pain in the ass, but would they rather have the flooding? How are you going to have construction without dust? I had to live through my share of construction in my area for a gas upgrade. It's annoying but these pipes are old. We need to fix things.

Anonymous said...

Always someone to complain about everything. So don't have your sewers fixed. Next.

Gary W said...

After all that construction and repaving the residents better watch out they don't sneak in a bike lane.

TommyR said...

Totally agreed with the ^Anon above me. Sounds like the same issue the Calamus Ave residents nearer me had a while back. I had National Grid on my street - I wish they'd level off the street nice-like after finishing up (instead of using those awful metal plates)...but I would much rather they check up on and fix these lines than leave them to rot away!

These infrastructure upgrades, if we believe the reports, are necessary. Would the homeowners prefer flooding from sewage instead?

Gotta say, I shouldn't judge by looks..but that Torres guy in the video pretty much seems overfed and overpaid to me. I don't get the theatrics and drama, at all...document the issue, record, take photos and pictures and send it in. Get a lawyer, if you really think it necessary.

Anonymous said...

Which contractor is doing the work? It does matter.

Anonymous said...

74th Street has been a war zone for well over a year now. How long does it take to open a Street one block long , fix the sewer, then close it back up? Apparently years.

Anonymous said...

Made in NYC

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Any modest priced houses for cash sale on that street ?
I figure somebody may want to sell by now, especially if they know whats coming when that new main line need to be branched off.
That land was once all still streams and water, you dig and the hole just fill up with water. You can still find small snail shells and arrowheads in the dirt. This is going to take YEARS due to the difficulty involved

The Chief out in Shinnecock was correct. He said the native American rightful owners put a curse on all that land when the Dutch stole it, The Dutch referring to it as "wasteful swamp land" --Fact is: It wasn't swamps it was fresh water PONDS, tribes, birds & wildlife lived around.
I would think by now those good people, lots of Italians (what left of them) would be much happier on South Shore Long Island.

Dennis P Gallagher said...

Bob Holden to the rescue!