Saturday, December 16, 2017

In debt up to our eyeballs

From the Observer:

New York State has the second-highest debt total in the United States, and it’s expected to grow in the coming years, according to state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

New York’s state-funded debt is expected to reach $63.7 billion at the end of the current fiscal year and increase over the following four years to $71.8 billion, according to a report released by DiNapoli on Thursday morning. New York’s current total state debt is second only to California’s, which is at $87 billion.

The average amount of debt for every man, woman and child in the state is $3,116, three times the median for all states, the report found. And the annual debt service payments — the amount of money needed to reimburse debts over a period of time — are projected to surpass $8.2 billion by the end of state fiscal year 2021-2022.


Anonymous said...

This will probably make things a whole lot worse

georgetheatheist said...

And which state is the most fiscally sound?

JQ LLC said...

There's gotta be a new revolution. This is going to destroy the working poor class, the middle class and probably bring down the upper middle class. The American Dream is now a luxury item than can only be afforded to the 1% with this Oligarch Welfare bill.

What jobs, that this sadistic bill is titled after, are going to be created. Maybe for personal security guards to protect their filthy lucre in their pool houses, basements and attics.

The democrats are so goddamn feeble, despite their loud and feigned complaints, they are allowing this to happen.

As for California, as Bill Hicks prophesied, it's going to sink into the ocean...Arizona Bay. Starting with the L train shutdown, New York is going to become the towering dystopian pit as described in the Kurt Russell classic and in Phillip K. Dicks classic Blade Runner. Especially since the majority of American business owners are peachy keen for robots doing blue collar work. In a way, these tax cuts are designed to exacerbate these projections. Seemingly all for retribution for not voting majority republican. That's pretty unfair to the home owning people residing here who actually did.

It's no coincidence that fucking worm Paul Ryan has decided not to run again, for he got what he wanted and now he can retire. Same with the other two jerkoffs who railed against Trump a few months ago. Hell, these bastards that are voting for this bill will all be dead by the time the tax cuts truly take effect and their heirs will be able to live comfortably.

This isn't fiscal conservatism or restraint. It's a federal ponzi scheme. Once the trillions get pilfered, it's going to take new bodies to refund it and cuts to other safety nets to keep the cash flowing back to the top. More likely, it would mean the elderly will have to keep working past 80 to maintain the flow of tax dollars to go back up, that's if they can survive without Medicare or Medicaid.

Of course the one who will make the most killing is Figurehead Trump, who has blatantly betrayed every one of his voters that he manipulated from the middle and lower classes and has shown what a lying wimp he is. He and his avaricious kin but mostly his name brand will do just fine now despite the damage he has done to this nation and it's reputation around the world, barring any revelations and charges from money laundering from the Meuller investigation.

By the way George, in a most recent poll, it's Florida. N.Y is 39,(fucking Cuomo).

Anonymous said...

to goertetheatheist:

any republican state is more fiscally sound than NY, IL, CA. etc. Check Mercatur Center:

(sarc) said...

Living within one's means...

Anonymous said...


The state is run by republicans (through their alliance with fake democrats in the IDC). Also see the republican tax plan, which will explode the national debt. You R's don't get to claim you're doing shit about debt anymore. Turn off fox news and read something every now and then.

Anonymous said...

"The average amount of debt for every man, woman and child in the state is $3,116.."
How does this compare to the debt for NY City residents?

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the Democrats throw everyone under the bus to build their base and use taxes to pay for supporting their welfare state infrastructure instead of our civic infrastructure.

They also gutted education making snowflakes that are really up on food, travel, and leisure but have never received training on traditional American values as thrift, hard work, saving for the future - all that boring stuff to those that have a 30 second attention span and dream they are another unique edition to our faceless glut of producers, bloggers, authors, or musicians.

Also gutting vocational training, the arts, and most importantly, civics from schools will be deadly to our society's future. Why are we importing people to put up buildings, work in offices, etc while our native born either nods out over drugs because they have no opportunity or future - or squanders their youth producing trivial art that is garbage.

When you talk to kids about civics and government, all you get back are the empty bored platitudes feed them by the Democrats, or worse, Socialists. The rest of the country seems to have regressed to the 1930s.

People need to be engaged in government, know what to expect from government, and expect government to do their bidding. Government has zoomed off in this disastrous direction because its in a disconnect with its citizens.

Instead we have a government officials that lead 'pussy hat' parades across bridges and others that use their office to pay off donors by opening community assets - as land- to the personal benefit of said donors and killing funding to those who cry 'shame! shame! shame!' as their communities start to die from developers exploiting the stupid greed of public officials.

We go to meetings to hear about ideas to solve these problems and we get long discussions about stuff people really don't give a crap about - who cares about transgender rights if you cannot afford college or find a job, who cares about bike lanes if you cannot get to work on time, who cares about the opportunity of chain immigration if you cannot afford to rent an apartment or get married and buy a house?

Its time we stop talking about things that build the Democratic Party and start talking about things that build our nation.

We need to start a civic discourse in this country and it has to start with the politicians right here in Queens to:

1. stop being expected to be worshiped as demi-gods,
2. stop stomping on dissent (its a citizen's duty, right, and obligation you jerks!), and
3. start to be public 'servants' (serve the community's rather than a donor's needs)

... and if it needs to be a revolution starting from the ground up to replace you pols then the only question is at what point does the entire structure blow up and it starts?

I Want To Know said...

How come Kelty's head looks like a Chia Pet?

Anonymous said...

Bid deal. The average federal debt per person is over $150,000 and we decided the best way to close that loophole is give apple and amazon and other companies holding hundreds of billions dollars in their checking accounts a 40% tax cut. Yeah they really need it. Thanks Obama, I mean republicans.

Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh that some posters blame Trump and the tax cut.

The tax cut, the lowering the deduction for SALT, is a tax on the rich. The Democrats finally get what they want, AND STILL THEY COMPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about we just stop spending money? Novel idea. We should try it.

Anonymous said...

When the crap hits the fan they will seize all that offshore billions.

Besides, this mess did not start with the election of Trump, as a matter of fact, Trump is there as part of the revolution. Yea, pretty pathetic, but ya gatta start somewhere.

Obama, Clinton, Bushes, and the rest of the established politicians are completely inadequate to do those things correct the ship.

Stock prices going through the roof. You are rich you do not park it but use it - to expand businesses and - and - and ..... hire people!!!!!

Anonymous said...

World War III is right on schedule, fellow American peasants!

And, all because of 'NAKED GREED,' and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), two forms of mental illness for which there IS no cure!

Alas, We, the People have been 'Hijacked-and-Held-Hostage' in a 50-plus year holding pattern that has been FOISTED onto every hardworking, rank and file taxpayer, by the most predatory and rapacious scourges of kleptocratic, monetary locusts, all of whom DEVALUE honesty itself—to pathologically high treasonous, traitorous and tyrannical effect—and, the public be eternally duped, bilked, robbed, scammed, SCARRED FOR LIFE, and damned!

The Rothschild dynastic scourge and Steve Mnuchin are but two out of a massive, kleptocratic cabal of concentrated wealth that determines WORTH, as these monetary locusts wreak havoc with the lives, livelihoods, flag, country and Constitution of a nation that has already been so completely ravaged-and-tonsured, that there is nothing left for its duped citizenry than to launch into 'REVOLUTION' as the ONLY SOLUTION!

This is what OPENLY PRACTICED CLASS WARFARE, CLASSISM, government tyranny and anarchy look like!

❝No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine.❞ ―William Blum, Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower

❝It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.❞ ―Upton Sinclair

❝Never be deceived into believing that the rich will permit anyone to vote away their wealth.❞ —Lucy Parsons

❝If you're not careful the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.❞ —Malcolm X

❝We hang the petty thieves and elect the great ones to public office.❞ —Aesop

❝The Earth is not dying, it is being killed. And, the people who are killing it have names and addresses.❞ —Utah Phillips

❝Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think that we are being run by maniacs for maniacal ends, and I think that I am liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.❞ —John Lennon

Gary W said...

For the city and state workers, do you still think you are going to get your pensions?

Serious question.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah

No one here addressed the REAL issue.

Its like MOST everyone is illiterate as regards MONEY.

End The Federal Reserve.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Well you got to admit, between the time of the crazies and the politician's trolls whose purpose is to drive everyone away from the blog, there are a few good shafts of light here on Crappy that too many people stick around to read for Joe Crowley's easy sleep.

Good work! Keep giving a voice to the people. Even the thickest concrete breaks if you keep pounding it.

Anonymous said...

World War III is right on schedule, fellow American peasants!

And, all because of 'NAKED GREED,' and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), two forms of mental illness for which there IS no cure!

[blah blah blah] so which of our precious electeds do you work for sweetie?

Anonymous said...

My Union bought every benefit and pension from the democrats while you slept,between union members and welfare recipients you are out numbered
When Our Guy says Vote property tax raise Guess what we get,When our Guy says Hold a sign and scream racism and we line up for our sign,guess what we get!When our Guy says Vote to take your wealth WE vote to take it,GUESS WHAT WE GET and when our Guy says White Privilege must be done away with and we shut highways and airports GUESS WHAT WE WANT IN RETURN,
You guessed it YOUR STUFF.

Anonymous said...

Property taxes are high (unless you're Bill DeBlasio) because the state passes unfunded mandates to the counties and because they promise public employees overly generous benefits. While we fight amongst ourselves, unfunded public pension liabilities are increasing at an alarming rate (some states' liabilities have more than doubled in the last decade). Check out to see how dire the situation is. Our state is broke. Our country is broke.

Anonymous said...

Let's keep giving ILLEGALS welfare checks, free education/medical care/legal aid/housing/social security to which they are not entitled and allow them to suck us dry, commit heinous crimes, and then give them sanctuary from the penalties they have coming to them. Yeah, let's do that, aided and abetted by a total dumbass mayor, governor, and city council. And let's keep all those able bodied baby machines on total welfare, too, so they can jack out more and more dependents we--not they--pay for. Unlimited babies spawned, not raised, so they can become a police problem as well as sucking up public resources. No limits on having more if you're already on welfare either. Great idea! Oh, and keep raising taxes to pay for all this so that hardworking taxpayers have additional burden paying for their own housing, food, and childrens' expenses that they at least are responsible enough to shoulder themselves.

Meanwhile, in order that THEY look good, the slime passing themselves off as local politicians have reduced the worth of a NYC high school diploma to virtually zero. Teachers are coerced to go along or lose their jobs, passing students who haven't even attended class let alone done any work, passing students who have barely done any work, ginning up fake credit recovery courses, etc. The college-ready stats for virtually all schools except for a very few are below 20%, necessitating MORE taxpayer money for "remedial" college courses, amounting to high school level work. They got rid of vocational ed courses which were great for non-academically inclined students and provided them the means to a great living. Nah, EVERYONE must go to college. A very expensive waste of yet another resource.

The liberals have driven taxes sky high by their entitlement programs for the least productive among us, in their naked greed for votes, thereby permanently eliminating any incentive for hard work or delayed gratification. They have screamed for lesser consequences for crimes committed, removing any deterrent to committing them. They have gotten rid of mental health programs, turning mentally ill criminals loose to prey upon us all. They have tied the hands of the police to be truly effective, and they openly take the side of criminals in the press. They are turning NYC into a living hell and an expensive one at that. This will cause people earning the money NYC robs them of in taxes to move, reducing the tax base and necessitating raising taxes even more for those who remain in the city of criminals, illegals, and unskilled gibsmedats.

Anonymous said...

To last Anonymous, who laughably intimated that I might work for any of the varietal scourges in public office. For your information, I am a private citizen who is fed up and disgusted with the endless loop of City Hall's and Queens County's collective, kleptocratic 'kakistocracy' of epic-and-errant government fail, for which everyone else in the ever languishing rank and file continues to pay an obscene and soul-crushing price. And, if you didn't get that, then you're not paying attention!

Now, I hope that isn't too much for you to comprehend, 'sweetie,' but where in any of what I said above did you glean that I could be a troll and/or crony for any and all of the hyper-corrupt, entrenched, establishment-rigged, two-party-machine-failed duopoly, when my post was for the single purpose of triggering rampant anger, activism, protest, rally and resistance against We, the People's 'Hijack-and-Hostage' holding pattern that all cradle-to-grave government hacks have FOISTED on our enslaves lives, livelihoods and abrogated rights, freedoms, liberties――and, all Constitutionally guaranteed democracy itself?

But, if THIS doesn't trigger a move toward REVOLUTION (as the ONLY SOLUTION), then I don't know whatever it will take to awaken the 'SHEEPLE' of Queens.

If sheep could vote, then they would pick the guy who feeds them――even if it's the SAME person who will slaughter them, later on! Welcome to the Queens County slaughterhouse, y'all

Finally, please get a refund on that malfunctioning crystal ball of yours, sweetie, 'cause it's WAAAAY off caliber, I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Too much welfare suckers in these states! Guess what? Cali and ny have the most illegals... Doesn't take rocket science to tie the two topics together. The hasidic jews don't help out either with their welfare sucking too.

Anonymous said...

"who cares about transgender rights if you cannot afford college or find a job, who cares about bike lanes if you cannot get to work on time, who cares about the opportunity of chain immigration if you cannot afford to rent an apartment or get married and buy a house?"

Exactly! May I suggest an edit? Who cares about bike lanes if you don't have any job to ride the bike to? Opportunity of chain migration? Oh yeah.. bringing terrorists right into the NYC Subway, such a Great Idea. Diversity Lottery? Does it mean which of these diverse terrorists will murder and subjugate Americans?

Anonymous said...

All of you, stop blaming those who continue to give birth to children who have no financial means to support them. Who cares if NY State is in debt? As long as they get their benefits on time. If they don't, they will riot and terrorize.

You, taxpayer, will just have to keep paying for DeShawn's babies because he's got three baby mama, eight chillren and he's claiming no income. He gets the welfare, food stamps, Medicaid and Suction 8 housing voucher and he's driving a 2018 car with large speakers. DeShawn is an entrepreneur- selling crack, cocaine, heroin, laced pot and has a few women who work for him. He's not paying any taxes on that money. And because of slavery....

Anonymous said...

To last Anonymous: If you look at a pie chart of government spending, welfare and food stamps makes up the tiniest wedge on the chart, where military spending practically obliterates all other expenditures.

But, the REAL 'Welfare Queens' are parasitic scourges like Mitch McConnell (worth $32 million, whilst collecting a government paycheck!), Schmuck Schumer (a New York rodent who is immune to rat poison, and simply won't die!), and all of the 'OTHER' cradle-to-grave, and womb-to-tomb government henchmen, all of whom have betrayed all pretense of public trust, ethics, integrity, accountability and transparency, with a vengeful impunity that is unprecedented, to date, as they continue to barter their souls (to the complete submission of corporate fascist obedience, for which everyone else continues to pay a soul-crushing price), for a shot at obscene, unearned and undeserved PRIVATE SPLENDOR for themselves, versus PUBLIC SQUALOR, adversity, beggary, obscurity and quiet desperation for the ever languishing (and invisible) people who pay their salaries (the rank-and-file), but whose hard work, sacrifice and allegiance to 'playing by the rules' are STILL at the mercy of a grinding system that only reinforces a 'taxation WITHOUT representation' edict that now devalues honesty itself!

Hence, it pays to be a politician, judge or Mafia king (like Albany's dynastic 'Gargoyle Andy' Cuomo), because the system that used to only protect Mafia kingpins (like 'Teflon Don' John Gotti), has now extended coverage to the entirely 'bought and paid for' system of justice, which now endeavors to 'Shield & Protect' the rich, white, intolerant extremist plutocracy of stolen wealth (that determines worth), and the public be damned (again and STILL)!

WHAT? WHAT?? THIS IS NEW??? We, the People's forefathers' practically guaranteed this un-American, anti-American Caste System for life!

Anonymous said...

Too many welfare suckers, says Anonymous? That's a falsehood (although as long as Washington remains corrupt, then the numbers will surely grow, exponentially).

But, that's what government fools would like everyone in these 'ZIONIST States of AMNESIA and ENTERTAINMENT' to believe, when a transparent pie chart of government spending shows something altogether different.

Military spending and obscene foreign aid take up 2/3 of the pie chart, and if you look at the very last expenditure, welfare and food stamp programs, they are so infinitesimally slim, that they could BOTH pass for a single laser beam.

The greatest welfare scams are perpetrated by ALL members of Congress themselves, where many, if not all of whom are still gurgling for breath and oxygen WAAAAY after the giant sea turtles of the Galapagos Islands have reached the end of their natural life spans!

Hence, the BrainWashington, D. C. SWAMP (and, The White House——the 'ORIGINAL' House of Terror, and global terrorism), hasn't even begun to be drained, given the murky supply of even more swamp water that continues to be delivered daily——and often by the hour——by THIS administration of propaganda lies, deniability, and 'KNOWINGLY FALSE' statement of insidious, constituent fail!

JQ LLC said...

Don't forget that sliver of pie that went into pentagon Ufo research and alien outreach.

TommyR said...

More handouts for those poor, poor Republicans and their billionaire one will create any "jobs", just buy more machines (capital) to replace labor. Economic common sense. Middle class shafted, big surprise.

When we will see the ire turned on REBNY, the big developers (friends of BDB), the idiots of Trumps' ilk...the realtors, marketers, etc who are paid to over-inflate house prices to their benefit, constantly. Revolution? VOTE, vote, vote..2018.

Anonymous said...

Pretty typical. The Baby Boomers and the elderly borrow money to spend on themselves. They don't care; they won't have to repay it - our generation will have to pay it back for them. We won't be able to afford any services, because all our money will go to paying back their debt.

Anonymous said...

>To last Anonymous: If you look at a pie chart of government spending, welfare and food stamps makes up the tiniest wedge on the chart, where military spending practically obliterates all other expenditures.

Not him, but aren't we talking the state debt here, not the federal?

Anonymous said...

But the Islanders need that new arena in Belmont Park