Sunday, December 17, 2017

Woodhaven's paving problem

From CBS 2:

Officials said the main reason paving over your yard is banned is so residential areas have green space.

Residents said another reason for the zoning change is so there would be proper drainage after a rain fall — preventing water from flowing from a driveway into the street.

A problem because although some of the converted driveways aren’t eliminating curbs, they are limiting parking.

Homeowners posted ‘no parking’ signs so people won’t block their illegal driveways.


Anonymous said...

Just park your car there and let them call the cops. Once the driveway is gone the garbage cans come out.

Joe Moretti said...

This is what happens when a city has such a corrupt agency (DOB) and when laws are NOT enforced. AND why did the law just go into effect in 2008, it should have been like this from the get go.

Typical, do nothing about an issue, wait till it gets completely out of control and then attempt (and I mean attempt) to do something.

The minute someone files such a complaint, DOB should be out there within two hours, whether is on a weekday or weekend. Instead they can wait till up to 90 days to inspect, if they even do that.

More fuck-ups in one of the worst run cities in the country.

Anonymous said...

Over-development and lack of enforcement of existing zoning laws are causing all this "Crap" !

Anonymous said...

Once you research who works as inspectors for the NYC DOB you will get your answer. Very few of the DOB inspectors, although NYC employees, were born in this country. Their allegiance is not to NYC or the USA, it's to their home countries - the majority are from the Caribbean, next Africa, then China and Russia- Eastern Europe. They are bringing the 3rd world bribery of government employees to our country.

Anonymous said...

Problems? Real problems are very specific in Queens. Its not transgender issues nor is it immigrant issues, nor is a campaign donor (read developer) failing to get what they paid for (which is your community).

So our publicity grabbing city council hogs are nowhere to be seen. If you call their office they will say 'file a complaint with 311.'

In other words, its not their problem. And if its not their problem, it is no one's problem.

Move on people. Its just another example of 3rd World Queens - Crowleystan.

Bosco said...

Friggan people calling 311
I still dont understand what these old cranks are bitching about. I guess they dont own a car and know the hell its become ehh ??
Its it the illegal curb cuts or, the slabs (on private property) people are pullig into blocking pedestrians? (Most cases)

My property so I believe its legal to store a small Mini Cooper parallel to the house inside my gate ? I only use my car once a week, Its a rather EXPENSIVE car, I dont need a curb cut (I wait till I can get out, then trolley the rear of the car around with a jack and back out)
More important I actually OPEN parking for my neighbors because I dont need a curb cut, and #2 the car is off the street.
Where are all people and commerce patrons to park with the epic mess the jackass mayor made on Woodhaven blvd ?

faster340 said...

They must have read this article.

TommyR said...

Hmm, at first I was on the fence about this - 'shouldn't home-owners do what they want with their property', was my initial reaction.

But then you think - it's "little things" like this that actually contribute to sadder, grey-er, duller, and not least of all, DENSER characters to buildings and streets. Not far from my little heath there are more than a few four-story and up brick buildings with front-driveways, the ubiquity of which I'm certain now must point to having been hastily put-in before 2008. Most of them stand only a half a block or so away from homes with front yards and gardens, creating quite a stark, drab and depressing contrast.

I've noticed a few new occupants of single-family homes in the immediate area have done this, too - pave over the front, probably with the idea of parking (or maybe even renting) their new 'driveway'. It's sad - people can't seem to appreciate a thin little apron of shrubs and flowers, but go agog the minute something has even a minute monetary value potentially associated with it.

Ultimately, I'm glad a resident complained and got some citations issued - sometimes it is the little things like this that help hold tweeding at bay. Still - I don't see this gaining much traction. It's simply too valuable of an over-sight to developers for them to let go of; they would much rather advertise a ground-floor unit as having a "multi"-vehicle driveway than a some petals and foliage.

Residents in these units often keep balcony plants, but they themselves probably wouldn't see the value of a "front yard" of any kind. Sadly, probably as much a cultural and greed thing - especially if the dev/landlord said, "Sure, I can put in a yard - but your rent will go up."

John said...

Right, the DOB sucks because they are mostly foreign born. Like Google is not a great US company because the founder is foreign born; or Kohls, or Tesla because of their foreign born founders. Did you complain when the DOB was Irish and Italian? Did you only like the DOB when they employed the iroquois?

Jesus you are dumb.

>> Once you research who works as inspectors for the NYC DOB you will get your answer. Very
>> few of the DOB inspectors, although NYC employees, were born in this country. Their
>> allegiance is not to NYC or the USA, it's to their home countries - t

Unknown said...

Queen's will soon end up looking like certain towns in NJ, where everyone gets to park in front of their house,right on the sidewalk. What happens to first floor Tennant's who depend on sunlight?

Anonymous said...

"What happens to first floor Tennant's who depend on sunlight?"
They will never see daylight from inside anyway because must work 12 -14 hours a day to pay rent , utility's, insane health insurance premiums, co-pays & deductible to live in this now shitty city.
And this is what is driving the demand for socialism, Its all by design !!

PS: anybody who can afford or even have 1st floor apt should be thankful they have a roof over head and NOT a shadow in one window.
Quit bitching like the old people you see in diners !!

(sarc) said...

And you are the same people who complain endlessly when the neighbors' front lawns or daisy patch is not manicured to the "Better Homes and Gardens" cover standard.

As I have stated numerous times in the past "you people are NEVER happy"!

May I remind you that this great Nation was founded and based upon the principle where one could keep and prosper from the fruits of ones' labor and property, to do with as one pleases.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote in our founding document, "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness….”

TommyR said...

I had old biddies complaining when my grass got tall or because - ohno- there were wildflowers or vegetables growing instead of something more manicured. they're just jealous I have more yard space. old people complain, especially old new Yorkers.

that said, this could easily become a case of local authority overreach; but the zoning system we live under supposedly is meant to preserve low rise and leafy characteristics...

it's hard to hold up aesthetics as a legal arguing point to halting private property decisions - hence the justification for home owners associations, which I despise and would never abide. so we rely on zoning and codes to do essentially the same thing. if complaints like this are the extent of it, I can take that as a fair tradeoff ata homeowner vs community.

Anonymous said...

Folks, its 3rd world when anyone can do what they want.

Just live in a tottering high rise in Cairo or work in a firetrap shop in a tower in Bombay, or live in a favela in Brazil and someone opens a fat rendering plant next door.

In America, people respect each other and have standards far above the lowest common denominator. You don't like it, move to where there are standards that suit your taste.

Anonymous said...

Again, were are the freakin' politicians?

Anonymous said...

Creating an illegal driveway then paving over your lawn to park and subsequently putting up a "no parking" sign is completely different than paving over the lawn and NOT creating an illegal driveway.

That is true but maybe if the city did have aesthetics rules for building new homes so many wouldn't look so ugly. And people need to take care of their properties. They should be a good neighbor, especially when people live so close together. Pickup garbage, shovel, rack your leaves, mow your a grownup.

>. Tommy
>> it's hard to hold up aesthetics as a legal arguing point

Thomas Jefferson was not giving the same rights to women and slaves. They were not considered equal...hence the amendments
The constitutions definitely did not intend there to be no limits on private property.

Anonymous said...


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