Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Huge hotel coming to Court Square...some day

From LIC Talk:

AND so Christmas is over, let’s get down to business. Which in Long Island City almost inevitably revolves around real estate. Though this time of year is normally slow on the local news front, we here at LICtalk are extremely adept at finding seemingly innocuous updates, rehashes, or snippets, and performing alchemy. In other words, making a mountain out of a molehill. Today’s version, comes to us via a new-spin-on-an-old-story in The Real Deal, which is kind of interesting.

Basically they declare that the largest hotel in the outer-boroughs is coming to LIC. The 50-story Toyoko Inn is slated to have 1,260 rooms. While the announcement of the hotel’s development is not new news, having been previously announced in TRD back in September 2016, it’s ranking as #1 ex-Manhattan and #9 in the city overall had previously escaped notice.

Most interestingly for locals from my perspective, is the location: 24-09 Jackson Avenue. More specifically, this is the empty lot adjacent to the Court Square 7-train station entrance. In other words it’s perfectly located for quickly getting into the heart of Manhattan via subway – a tremendous boon for budget travelers, which is this hotel chain’s focus. Of course another aspect of budget travel is tiny hotel rooms, which given the small lot size is almost a given despite soaring to 50-stories.


(sarc) said...

"Of course another aspect of budget travel is tiny hotel rooms, "


Rooms that are not conducive to storing homeless families...

TommyR said...

"we here at LICtalk are extremely adept at finding seemingly innocuous updates, rehashes, or snippets, and performing alchemy. In other words, making a mountain out of a molehill.

Yes, they certainly are. Just partner up with some realtor website already and collect your ad-revenue. There isn't much a of a real neighborhood left to cover, and frankly, never was, unless you were really into light manufacturing and strip clubs (neither of which bother me, and the former in fact which I would welcome remaining extant as long as possible).

Crapster it's almost too easy to post about whatever new thing is going up in LIC on one of their last remaining empty lots. This actually makes a degree of contextual sense - the hood's moved on, it's going to be a tall, modern hotel across from Midtown. Big whoop.

TommyR said...

BTW if you've too much money and not enough sense I can recommend Alewife's happy hour if you're unfortunate enough to be in LIC for whatever reason. The only time I use the place is to meet a hapless friend who resides there, and park my car by the LIRR to get into Midtown without having to travel more than one subway stop.

Anonymous said...

More than a 1000 tiny units in the heart of LIC - well thats ONE way to build an upscale neighborhood (not). Hotels wear our really quickly, and since this is a rapid turnover the building will make a quick buck for the developer as it quickly ages and starts to attract a more SRO clientele, especially when there is another emergency like Sandy and they need to warehouse people quickly. Once that happens, its finished. There is little doubt this will ultimately become a hostel for maintenance staff, delivery boys, and short order cooks.

Yup, LIC is riding the road to ruin. And no Tommy, less that 15% of LIC is highrise. There are still 1000s living there so don't kick them in the butt just yet. BTW, for a borough that prizes itself in caring for the disadvantaged, in NYC there is no such contempt for the little guy as Queens.

Anonymous said...

I bet another homeless shelter for sure JVB will be getting paid BIG TIME for this one -

Anonymous said...

Your ideas might be good but PLEASE keep it less lengthy, Tommy.
Your overly lengthy discourses would have tired even my stodgy old literature professor.
He loved the wordy Charles Dickens.
Ah, but alas, you are no Charles Dickens.
Keep your points sharp, clear and brief.
This is a blogspot.

The Friendly Giver said...

Also, thanks Mr. Efreeti for getting rid of that frenetic jumping monkey. It was annoying to no end. The snoozing monkey is OK but it's still moving - albeit - very thankfully -slowly. Why not just a static icon? You're the newbie here. When in Rome [i.e. this Crapsite] do what the Romans do...please?

TommyR said...

^3rd-Anon: I write as much for my own as your enjoyment, but the latter does not dictate the former. I don't ask the same of you, nor disparage or deny you your bavardage; do not deem to take the high horse on mine. Or please, feel free - on your own blog.

^Friendly-Giver: I appreciate that you appreciate my curtailing the monkey. Crapster hisself sets the rule, such that are (or aren't here) - the current icon is just a harmless calling card. Can you not find anything at all else to do as a productive use of your time than bothering on about this (barely) moving image? AFA as being a, I am definitely not. I have been here since very nearly the beginning; I eventually preferred posting under a name and identity to being Anon.

Anonymous said...


Feels like that funky monkey has been here forever.

The Friendly Giver said...

Efreeti, newbie: we Oldtimers know your STYLE of writing. You're as new as they come. Stop with the bullshit.