Friday, December 1, 2017

Bad contractor in Broad Channel

From PIX11:

...what’s with contractor Dennis Melandro? He STILL hasn’t finished rebuilding Victoria Roehling’s Broad Channel home damaged badly by Hurricane Sandy. She’s paid him $280,000 and he told me back in September that the job could be done within two weeks. Here we are more than two months later and there’s still a lot more to do.

And this week Victoria says she found he’d plugged a long blue extension cord into her home to get electricity for a job he’s doing two houses down. She’s now considering a possible criminal complaint. We’re going to stay on this until Victoria is back home.


JQ LLC said...

The asshole is also dangling the wire on two trees. Which doesn't only look ghetto or trailer trashy but it's also a fire hazard.

Anonymous said...

Considering criminal charges? Why not just press charges?

Anonymous said...

Hey Victoria

Get in touch with your local pols. Maybe they can pull themselves away from conspiring to give themselves a 3rd term, or naming a bridge after a hack, to pass legislation, or even make an appearance, in support of you.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why someone would pay a contractor almost 300k before the work is done. This is why you pay in increments when the contractor shows progress. Expensive lesson learned.