Friday, December 1, 2017

3-K operators are not all OK

From the Daily News:

Private preschools hired for Mayor de Blasio’s 3-K for All classes have racked up dozens of health violations for a variety of offenses, city records show.

All but one of the 13 private operators hired by the city to offer preschool lessons under de Blasio’s signature second-term education initiative have been hit with violations over the last three years. They include failing to conduct background checks, putting sick workers on the job with kids and failing to supervise children.

In total, the dozen operators had 72 violations and all have been corrected. But activists and parents said they’re still nervous that kids aren’t safe.


Joe Moretti said...

No surprise here for what is pretty much just a baby sitting service. Ever see some of these places in Jamaica Queens. One place has garbage all around it, toys that stay outside all year long no matter the weather. I would not trust these places with a gold fish, let alone a child.

Anonymous said...

First the ferries, now 3-K -- all programs that DeBlasio uses as examples to tout his success -- disastrous!

JQ LLC said...

No surprise that more poor kids are being mistreated by this fraud of a mayor. It would be a sick irony if the kids that go to these filthy incompetently supervised schools go home to their contaminated homes in NYCHA or in some slumlord building.

Anonymous said...

Who thought this was a good idea? Pre-school for all, yes! But within the purview of the Board of Education, not just paying existing day-cares 10k per "pupil" to take in more kids than they can handle and teach. Damn, why didn't I open a pre-school?

Unknown said...

It's not a good idea leaving children, under K with strangers.

Unfortunately, not many are willing to put their income on hold for a few years.

They should give a tax break to parents of young children, so they can stay home and care for them.

georgetheatheist said...

That background signage left off one "E".