Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cuomo vetoes 2nd MetroCard transfer

From the Daily News:

Gov. Cuomo vetoed legislation late Monday that would have given commuters a second free transfer on pay-per-ride MetroCards.

In his veto message, Cuomo said the bill the Legislature approved had “fiscal, policy and technical flaws.” He said he was ordering the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to take steps that would make it easier for riders affected by service disruptions to complete their journeys without paying another fare.

The new policies Cuomo ordered include having Transit Authority staff distribute manual tickets for an additional subway or bus trip during unplanned disruptions.

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx), who sponsored the measure, said he was disappointed by the governor’s veto and that Cuomo’s remedies don’t go far enough.

The legislation, Dinowitz said, was intended to assist commuters who live in underserved areas of the city and not just those struggling with temporary service disruptions.


JQ LLC said...

Mario's son has no plan and has no intention of improving subway service and alleviating people's cost of living to save even a little bit of money. These are people that cannot afford to live close to the city in areas like L.I.C. and downtown Brooklyn

It ain't like these commuters can take a boat to work.

What's wrong Andy, the MTA is having trouble selling garbage cans as ephemera items?

Shit for brains.

Anonymous said...

I assume that the Governor does not use MetroCard, so he does not need 2nd transfers.

Anonymous said...

It ain't like these commuters can take a boat to work.

No, but they can take a City bike according to the local dictator in charge.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy...and we're looking forward to that fare hike in the new year...hope Teachout runs again...because that's who I'm voting for...again...boy Andy you are a selfish dolt

(sarc) said...

The never ending leviathan of government always grows and must always consume more and more and more...

Anonymous said...

But the outer boroughs vote Repuglican, so screw them, right?

Anonymous said...

Between the diabolical corruption, graft and evil of Shithead Bill de-BLASS-hole (a free walking-and-exalted criminal that the law praises), and the shame and disgrace of Albany, Gargoyle Andy (of the dynastic Cuomo crime family ring of all LEGALLY organized corruption, graft and greed), New York State is now a padded cell, as the asylum of proletariat helplessness keeps growing exponentially, to keep draconian pace with the subjugation and lifetime sentence of imprisonment, both of which have now officially ambushed, immobilized and collapsed our erstwhile nation that was based on the purported freedoms and democracy that can no longer be guaranteed! Because of de BLASS-hole and CUOMO, we now have openly practiced government tyranny and anarchy, as both scourges (and monsters) of great arrogance, cruelty, sadism and depravity have escaped a system of justice over which We, the People have lost all power, control and direction. They both belong behind bars in long term federal lockup!

Right now, there IS no government——ONLY banks (and their banksters), and corporate oligarchy of the entrenched, establishment-rigged criminal enterprise variety.

Meanwhile, BOTH of these intensely incompetent, lethally dangerous shitheads think that they are presidential material, when they devalue honesty itself. You get what you deserve New York 'SHEEPLE!' While you continue to obscenely overpay taxes in a city that you can no longer afford to live (much less breathe!), de BLASS-hole was just in Iowa cementing his faux presidency, as he jockeys for position to sideswipe the 'OTHER' shithead partner-in-crime, 'Gargoyle Andy,' and if these are the choice for the 2020 selection, I mean election——then, brace yourselves for TRUMP 2.0!

❝If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.❞ ――Malcolm X

Anonymous said...

Andy nasal monotone will never be potus.