Thursday, December 21, 2017

Construction noise reduction bill introduced

From the Daily News:

Construction done at odd hours will have to turn down the volume under a bill passed by the City Council on Tuesday.

The legislation sponsored by Councilman Ben Kallos places stricter limits on construction within 200 feet of a home before 7 a.m. and after 6 p.m. on weekdays, and any time on weekends.

The construction cacophony will be capped at 80 decibels next year, and dropped to 75 in 2020. The current limit is 85 decibels.

The city would also be given the power to shut down pieces of construction equipment that are too loud.

It will also make it easier to do noise complaint inspections because they won’t have to be inside the home of the person who complained.


Anonymous said...

Great idea but good luck getting this enforced anywhere outside of Manhattan.

(sarc) said...

A reduction of five decibels is just barely noticeable.

Do these fools even know what eighty five decibels sound like?

Another piece of feel good legislation as an attempt to justify the miserable existence of these political hacks.

Realize the unintended consequences of this stupidity.

Contractors will refuse to work beyond the normal times to avoid fines and penalties, and projects will take much longer to complete extending the inconvenience for all affected.

The elected officials will grandstand congratulating themselves that they did something...

JQ LLC said...

(sarc) wins the day.

This feeble proposal couldn't even gloss over the fact of the rampant hyper-development, which still continues unabated has done to the environment, ground, air and yes noise, of the city, Brooklyn, the South Bronx, LIC and now extending into eastern Queens (kew gardens and Jamaica)

Anonymous said...

We don't have a copy of the legislation. Is there a clause where contractors can get a waiver for some reason or for a fee?

Anonymous said...

They should charge less if you get a construction permit next to existing work, but double if you do it across the street. Then folks could at least use the one side of the street.

Joe said...

***The construction cacophony will be capped at 80 decibels next year, and dropped to 75 in 2020. The current limit is 85 decibels**

Oh, and on what weighted scale A, B or C of the decibel meter ?
An who will be using these decibel meters, NYC cops understand wind direction, frequency, resonance, duration, will use directional sound & probes Oscilloscopes properly to measure pulse width and amplitude(jack hammer noise) and other acoustical SPL property's to properly interpret a sound levels in an uncontrolled environment.

This is another friggan JOKE like Southold with the old people bitching about live music at the winery's. These new NYC cops are to stupid to operate this equipment. It will cost the city more in court costs when the judges toss 3/4 of the tickets out.

(sarc) said...

Thank you JQ LLC.

Where might I collect my prize???

Anonymous said...

Ummm....thc council speaker story????

Anonymous said...

There's an apartment building going up near me where the workers sometimes play loud music. It drives me MAD!!! And on Saturday mornings the start work at 7am and knock off around noon. Thanks, guys!

Anonymous said...

This doesn't help much when you work nights or have insomnia, get to bed at 5AM, and get woken up at 7AM by jackhammers outside your window.