Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Parking cleanup in Jamaica

The Untouchables are on the prowl. That is exactly what is needed to deal with the serial lawbreakers. Those who park their vehicles on our streets illegally. Some of the vehicles have no plates, others have plates belonging to another vehicles and others share plates, one per vehicle.

Well, on Saturday Dec. 2. The Untouchables made a clean sweep on 171 st. Street near 108 Avenue. Armed with tow trucks, the Untouchables carted away a few vehicles.

Well one of the owners showed up with a few followers and they were furious: waving their hands, shouting to the air and just swearing. However, it was toooo late, he just had to watch while the vehicles were: chained, mounted and en-routed to legal grounds.

This morning I witnessed another episode further down on 171 st. Street. The tow truck was on hand to remove another vehicle.

So go ahead law breakers; The Untouchables are very accommodating, and the community is very happy.

8:30 a.m. Today (12/5/17).

Thanks to the 103 precinct: Deputy Fortune, Sergeant Faison, Officer Jones and all others.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.


Anonymous said...

Why are they being called "Untouchables"?

>Social Media Journalist for Justice.

It's sad that I can no longer read "social" and "justice" in the same phrase without fearing someone's about to try and bully me for disagreeing with them.

Anonymous said...

Gee, where are the attention hogging politicians when something useful is happening?

Anonymous said...

They need to send them over here to the East Elmhurst area in the vicinity of LaGuardia airport. So many people park cars/vans/box trucks on the street for days at a time with no license plate( or they keep switching them out, and they’re always from some of the state or made out of paper which the temporary plate is expired )and the 115th precinct actually ticketed a car that had a registration sticker on it from 2014! These people are just blatant with these cars over here, They pay no heed to the law that the rest of us have to follow and people over here are sick and tired of not being able to park in their own block as homeowners. This is why Jose Peralta is trying to pass a law that we have permits over here that Will stop people who don’t live in this block from parking here on pain of getting a ticket and in the long run being towed. It’s really out of hand but I’m glad to see that somebody’s doing something about it

Gary W said...

Jose Peralta just wants to take money out of his constituents pockets, and create another level of bureaucracy. There are laws against all those activities you described. Enforce the laws on the books.

Anonymous said...

No need for another bureaucracy that we need to pay to not enforce neighborhood "parking permits" that will immediately be copied and forged and sold. Enforce the parking laws on the books now.

Anonymous said...

Total waste of time and effort because its the people populace of Jamaica that is the problem. Those urban slobs sail garbage out the 3rd floor windows into their own yards why would they give a shit about the street !!