Friday, December 22, 2017

Shore Towers condo units illegally converted into storage

From NBC 4:

A group of Astoria condominium owners says a cluster of apartments converted into unlawful storage units has turned their building into a fire trap. Chris Glorioso reports.


georgetheatheist said...

03:35. That's a normal-sized hallway at Shore Towers? I'd go nuts with claustrophobia.

JQ LLC said...

"Everyone loves the storage units"??? That condo prez is a lunatic flunky.

I don't know how old the shore towers are, but I can only imagine how cramped the halls at the new towers on the cove and those behemoths in LIC.

Chain link fencing in an apt, the bar just keeps getting lower in this town. You can see the fucking stove!

Anonymous said...

That is the way things are done in Vallonia:

Q:Why should we believe you.

A:Because i am the (community board member, elected official, flunky for elected official, minor civil functionary) and I have said so.

Lower the IQ the more insistent.

Anonymous said...

New residential buildings are now going up in Astoria with floors dedicated to this storage crap.

Its bad enough that with all those flaky banks and fly by night 'eateries' and 'watering holes' the community is one big money laundering machine - now they could be hiding uranium in buildings as far as we know.

God knows what that population of Mediterranean types are up to. There is SOME reason they are hiding things in residential buildings.

Gary W said...

You think Queens residents elect lousy pols? Look who they elect to run their condo's.

Anonymous said...

Basic box units can be easily converted into anything. Apartments-hotels-warehouses- jails- homeless shelters, etc. Living in an NYC beehive box isn't exactly living.

Anonymous said...

New 28 story building at Queens Plaza with ENTIRE 14th floor dedicated to storage:

The local real estate mafia has something up their sleeves. The gas tank in Shore Towers should make the tenants think twice about living there. That comment about uranium above is especially chilling. Why are they circumventing the storage regulations that govern proper facilities? Remember Geenfell Tower?

Also cannot get that 'tenant president' out of my head - you would never see someone like that in the other boroughs representing tenants - although all of us in Queens are familiar with that personality type who is generally found defending a local politician against a community's ire.

Wondering if most of the apartments in the building are owned by a small clique that developed the site - and she got voted in by them to keep a lid on things.

Just thinking.

Also, the police and fire seem to be aimlessly spinning their wheels? Why? Payoffs? Interesting contrast to a book I am reading about Brooklyn, where the residents their talk about NYPD showing up for problems routinely within minutes. A real contrast to Queens, eh?

Every day the leadership in the borough cooks something new that lowers the bar.

Anonymous said...

Chrona Raskin is listed as an 'officer' in a building listed as a 'condominium' but with a good amount, if not a majority, of rentals.

and seems 'popular' with the tenants she claims to represent

Joe Moretti said...

If that asshole is the co-op president, why would anyone want to live there or buy. She seems more like a president of some ghetto ass section 8 building. Kind of mind boggling that this has been going on for years with no action from DOB or the FDNY, I mean how could something SO ILLEGAL be going on for so long in a co-op building, I mean I don't know too many co-ops that would allow that to begin with.

AND in that newscast there issue was "no smoke detectors". That is the least of it, the whole damn thing is illegal and not allowed in an apartment building. They make out like if there were smoke detectors all would be okay. Very lousy reporting on this one.

georgetheatheist said...

Great points, Joe Moretti. As always. Miss your blog.

Anonymous said...

Where are the electeds or the local civic or the community board?

Anyone suspect that more than one are among the condo owners?