Monday, March 20, 2017

Ozone Park protests drop-in center

Photos by Phil Wong

Democratic candidate for Public Advocate Tony Herbert speaks:


Anonymous said...

So, here's how it goes: Every fledgling politician (not public servant), who is currently jockeying for private splendor (by way of the public, cradle-to-grave payroll system) is all about the words, and once they snake through to low level prominence, it's back to the same 'Three Card Monty' scam that it's always been: Delay, Deny——And, Hope That You Die' (as people actually HAVE died, while waiting for ANY government help, which is an illusion, not to mention TRUST——which is for SUCKERS)!

Then, the Tony Herbert's of the world recite their REAL allegiance and loyalty NOT to their easily duped, constituency, but to their part-machine-failed bosses who back the entire Ponzi scheme, as they proudly pledge: 'Don't Blow MY Scam——And, I Won't Blow YOURS!'

And, so the vicious cycle of zero productivity and dereliction of public duty lives on——IN PERPETUITY! Now, SHEEPLE, PLEASE——haven't you seen this sideshow before (repeatedly, and ad nauseam)? A pet rock could replace the current PA (Bill de Blasio's Affirmative Action pal, Letitia James), and the pet rock would have the advantage of visible productivity (not to mention the joy of novelty and sentimental embellishment)!

Anonymous said...

Here's a novel idea! How about the residents of Ozone Park cut out the middleman altogether, and protest, rally and march down (EN MASS), to your city council council, state assembly and state senator's office to demand that THEY finally start working for a living! No one in the community needs another political hustler on a mission like Tony Herbert to do their bidding! He has no power whatsoever!

Now, if memory serves, didn't the city council appoint themselves a 32% raise that wasn't publicly authorized, last February 5, 2016 (sanctioned by Bill de ASSIO)?

So, now it's time to enforce taxation WITH representation, and then you can tell politician wanna be Tony Herbert to hit the road. All he cares about anyway is bumping Queen Letitia from her lofty perch of private splendor (and worthlessness) at the Public Advocate's Office (an embarrassment to primates!), so that he can collect a defined pension for himself that none of 'Letty the Lurker's' constituents have (and never will!), thanks to her and the rest of these voracious, empowered idiots who are protected by a city and state payroll and pension system that continues to reward monstrous failure at the perpetual expense of the taxpayer!

Wake up, SHEEPLE! Your life is slipping away while these cowards and impostors are reaping the rewards for their OWN self-enrichment, as everyone else rots in virtual obscurity!

Anonymous said...

Ozone park does not have a homeless problem. The clients will be bused in. Working class families are too busy trying to survive to effectively lobby against having dangerous men dumped on them. said...

Speaking of lobbies, where are the enlightened liberals of the firms of Berlinrosen, Hilltop, Red Horse and Advance, now that have become immensely powerful, rich and influential thanks to the philanthropy of the mayor, work pro bono for the people they allegedly care about, the working poor and middle class getting priced out of the city thanks to their voracious developer and private equity clients. That way they will have a legitimate reason to visit city hall instead of by stealth, and have a justification for their existence.

That's the problem, there are no lobbyists for the people, only the jackals.