Thursday, March 30, 2017

Richmond Hill High School has a violence problem

From the Daily News:

School safety officials said a video recorded by students at the school on March 10 shows a gang initiation, with a crowd of students pummeling each other on campus.

Cops responded to the school after two girls struck another girl in the face, according to police records for that day.

The victim didn’t report any injuries, but a shaky cell phone video that safety agents provided to the Daily News shows a melee with a mob of students punching each other.

The safety agents union president, Greg Floyd, said scared students gave the video to agents at the school in a cry for help.

“The de Blasio school violence coverup isn’t working,” Floyd said. “Students are afraid of the gangs, guns, knives. They came to us because no one at City Hall is listening.”


JQ LLC said...

Lord of the flies 2017.

Residents are too intimidated to reveal their identities and the safety officers are too intimidated to stop it for fear of reprisal and termination by higher brass.

This shit is too real now, and I'm not talking about these stupid violent kids. It's all about the Blaz trying to whitewash and manipulate the rise in crime, although slow and isolated in certain areas, in addition to his still wretched homeless policies.

This motherfucker is in control of things. He is doing everything possible to get re-elected, and is emboldened and feels utterly justified in his actions.

This mayor is so delusional and set in his self-righteous, self-serving mission that even the fact that he can't pay his lawyers will not deter him and has not even humbled him.

He does not care about working people, middle class and poor. He's the neo-liberal golden calf.

Anonymous said...

Bad shit going down all over.
My friends daughter sexually attacked and battered fighting bastard off coming back from school at Flushing ave & 61 st. --over two hours for the 104th to show up !

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when there is too much diversity. Are all of you liberals happy now?

Anonymous said...

If they think this is bad, try being the only white girl in Jamaica high school and van beuren back in the 80s!

Anonymous said...

most of the time he is so smoked up, he don't what's going on

Anonymous said...

can't discipline the kids. that would be racist.

Anonymous said...

Incident happened March 10th. Why is has it not reported on news outlets until this week?

Rob In Manhattan said...

Contrary to some comments, I think students have become FAR more docile in the last 30 years.

I was in HS here in Manhattan in the 1973-76 era. At that time the "black power" movement was in full effect and militant.

Staff were warned not to ever "get into it" with students unless they were themselves attacked. The reason was simple; if an adult attacked a student the others would "swarm" you and by the time any help arrived the damage would have been done.

I worked in a Manhattan HS as a sub from 1980-82. A few years before I arrived there was an incident involving a 12th year Dean which was recounted by several teachers. Apparently he had come on too strong with a male student. He was attacked with chairs, kicked and beaten by other students. I was told he was a Vietnam veteran and had a rep for being aggressive.

He left in an ambulance and never came back to work (at least not at that school). This incident was cited by our union and the Principal as to why we needed to avoid physical confrontations with students.

Police had the option to refuse to enter high schools unless there were 3 or more of them. I used to ridicule them for this fear since there were young female teachers working there without incident and these large male cops armed and trained were scared.

The students were large, black and Puerto Rican kids from tough neighborhoods. Some had been left back twice and were 20 years old. They didn't give a s--- about any 'authority". But if you came in without attitude and ego, you could reach them.

One startling thing I noticed was that every year around late May some of the "kids" -those who had been left behind twice and were 20 years old, and still could not pass even the basic test required for graduation, realized that this was "it" -they would get a certificate of attendance...but no diploma.

I had access to the small closet where a large format typewriter and pre-signed diplomas were kept and was sorely tempted to make one or two up to help a couple of kids. I pointed them to G.E.D. classes instead.

georgetheatheist said...

Crapper, I said it before and I'll say it again - this is what the waiting room in the doctor's office will look like when single-payer health care comes down the pike. 'strue.

Anonymous said...

But if you came in without attitude and ego, you could reach them.

And then they found out that bosses in the real world had the same "attitude and ego" which they blew off or outright intimidated their way out of in school, how the forged diplomas you were tempted to make them have helped?

Anonymous said...

We have a mailman whose wife works at this school. She says that shit like this happens every day.

Anonymous said...

Diversity doesn't work, and it cant be forced work.
These liberals are not capable of understanding this, they also REFUSE to see bad and evil.
And George is correct. YES this is what our hospitals and doctors offices will like like in 10 years. Obama and his people really succeeded in destroying this country beyond repair. One needs to move to a red state where you are allowed to have guns, they don't have this shit in Central Florida, Nevada and most of Texas.

Anonymous said...

Call I.C.E.----Immigration Pause.

Close down the "S.E.ASIAN BOARDING HOUSES" in QuCnty, where 20-25 K-12 are & taking $20,000 seats fron local taxpaying residents pupils. "lottery" is discriminating against Caucasian pupils.

Anonymous said...

Most New York City public schools have become warzones. In Manhattan a mentally disturbed student beat up the school principal. Not only beat him up but sent him to the hospital. The media would only mention the name of the perp, but not his ethnicity. The student that was arrested is Hispanic, and prior to him beating up the principal within an inch of his life he was already under investigation for another violent crime.
This is why if you want to raise happy children, GET OUT OF NEW YORK CITY. Don't like the higher taxes in Jersey and Long Island? Well its either that or having your kids attend classes with felons and other violent animals.
Luis Penzo, sounds like a nice Irish-German kid. Yeah right. The papers won't even release a mugshot of the perp.

Anonymous said...

THe professulas make everyone an effeminate creative writer so they can blather us with polysyllabic casuistry. If they actually taught the kids something useful, they would not need to resort to violence. Their violence is misdirected. It needs to be against their professulas.

Anonymous said...

When they replace "accidents" with "contact with trains" are you surprised reality suffers and violence erupts?

Anonymous said...

60% are from an Illegal immigrant parent raised with no discipline or father. (that how it is in Elsalvadore, Guatemala and Mexico) These kids are feral and will never change, the mothers never even wanted 1/2 of them they are anchor baby's or products of rape. Remember ! In that culture the child can only be as good as the father.

I cant imagine the chaos we are going to have when then these animals are full sized adults with no temperament, no sense of reason, no jobs willing do anything they want to survive.
The same overbreeding and violence the parents created in EL Salvatore & Mexico is repeating itself here. If one has kids (especially girls) you must move to a blue state if you expect any type or education and order.

M. How said...

In 2001 at age 58 I decided to change careers and become a teacher -- something I always wanted to do but was unable to because of other lifetime commitments. I finished my student teaching in two different high schools in very good neighborhoods. However, what I found was that these schools were inundated with kids from bad neighborhoods. It was their right to attend any high school their parents wanted them to attend. As a result teachers had to be very careful and pass these kids even though they couldn't even get a grade of 65. Two teachers I met were travelling around these schools with walkers. One had a broken arm and the other a dislocated shoulder. Both had been previously hospitalized. They told me they had sustained their injuries in the schools. How? The student and three friends surrounded her during class changing, and slammed her into the hallway wall so hard she broke her arm. The other teacher suffered the same fate and received a dislocated shoulder. All because they had the audacity to fail students who never even tried to pass. Neither could prove her case since there were so many students in the narrow hallways. These students were over 200 pounds and 6 feet tall. One was a 15 year old illegal from Guatemala and the other a 20 year old from Rikers Island -- yes, schools are obligated to teach them too. In a separate incident I saw a female just out of Rikers Island pull a knife and before you could say "lickety split" there was blood everywhere. Our schools are dangerous places for everyone.

After seeing the "diversity" and what diversity could do I opted not to teach and never looked back. So much for my dream but at least I'm not physically disabled.