Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mass transit options are icy

From CBS 2:

Countless commuters were seen hopping and leaping over snow mounds that were piled high at bus stops, while others reached out for a helpful hand.

It was not just bus stops. On social media, people posted pictures of snow and icy subway stops. The steps to the D Train at 179th Street in the Bronx were virtually covered in snow, and the Forest Avenue M Train platform in Ridgewood, Queens was covered in ice.

A commuter tweeted the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, “How is this acceptable?” CBS2 wondered the same thing.

The MTA is responsible for subway platforms and stairs. A an agency representative said: “Our snow fighting crews have been working non-stop since the onset of the storm to clear snow and ice.”


JQ LLC said...

Why the hell did the MTA shut down elevated train service for? They had 24 hours to clean up the platforms and the bus stops. There was only 5 inches of snow in Queens. It actually stop snowing at 12 in the afternoon Monday and it was a little mild enough to clean snow and ice up.

I couldn't believe what I was watching yesterday. Especially by the bus stops with people waiting in the street.

Just another day for the worst fucking transit system in the universe.

And it's telling how even the MTA reveres it's further outer-borough and bus commuters.

Anonymous said...

I guess deBlas took his limo to Ridgewood for his photo op.

Anonymous said...

Crappy, You should put up yesterday's photo of DB in Ridgewood and let your followers write captions!

Anonymous said...

I remember having to risk breaking an ankle 2 years ago after that huge blizzard, leaping down from 2-3' piles of snow to get to where I could board a bus, my car being hopelessly plowed in. The MTA has never cleaned around bus stops, forcing people to risk injury or risk getting hit by a car waiting for the bus in the street. The only thing they know how to raise is the fares, which never results in better service in any way.

JQ LLC said...

Why did De Faustio choose Ridgewood, any of his farm team 6 figure earning aides live there?