Saturday, March 18, 2017

Major World in major trouble

From NY1:

The commercials for the Major World Car Dealership promise no pressure sales tactics and affordable financing.

But according to the city's department of consumer affairs (DCA), the claims are misleading.

"These ads typically promise loans even when you have poor credit, and often result in predatory lending targeted at New Yorkers with limited English proficiency and with poor credit history," said Lorelei Salas, the commissioner of the department of consumer affairs.

The agency says the dealership targeted Spanish speakers by forcing the customers to sign contracts in English — even though the verbal negotiations were done in Spanish.

DCA also alleges that Major World inflated car values, sold defective vehicles, and even changed incomes and job titles on loan papers so applicants would qualify.

The DCA is seeking nearly $2 million in fines and restitution, and calling for the revocation of the dealership's license.


Anonymous said...

Whaaaat! A dishonest car dealership? I never heard of such a thing. Seriously let's hope they are fined and have their license revoked. It would send a good message.

Anonymous said...

They'll pay the fine and continue business as usual. Their annoying commercials are still running full blast.

(sarc) said...

The car salesmen are still more honest than our poloticians...

Rob in Manhattan and Astoria this Wednesday said...

Yep, the company that Curtis "Sleazebag" Sliwa hucksters for.

Anonymous said...


The list goes like this:

1. Politicians
2. Lawyers
3. Car salesmen

So you are technically right!