Friday, March 31, 2017

Queensboro Bridge to have some work done

From DNA Info:

The Queensboro Bridge is getting the lion's share of capital funding for major repairs planned for the city's East River bridges over the next three years.

Mayor Bill de Blasio's 2017 Capital Commitment Plan through 2020 parcels out $110 million for the bridge, bringing the total planned funding for the project to $392 million — the most of what's been allotted for the East River Bridges, according to the city's Independent Budget Office.

The Department of Transportation is planning a $353 million replacement of the upper level of the Queensboro Bridge. Remaining funds will go toward adding hazard mitigation to protect the bridge against natural disasters or other threats, like structural hardening, fire-suppression systems and security cameras, according to officials.


(sarc) said...

What is not mentioned, is the foundational work to install high resolution cameras and EZpass scanners.

We are all well aware that regardless of the proposed budget, there will be enormous cost overruns.

This is mearly the groundwork for justifying one of the largest money grabs in the City's history.

You cannot even hold onto your wallets, because moneys will be automatically confiscated from your accounts.

Get ready to pay, and pay, and pay...

Anonymous said...

It's no longer called the Ed Koch Bridge?

Anonymous said...

Didn't the bridge just have a facelift?

What the hell is going on?

Anonymous said...

more favors

Anonymous said...

>It's no longer called the Ed Koch Bridge?

Koch made sure his name was added to the name of the bridge, instead of replacing it.

So it still has its' useful, descriptive original name, unlike the Triboro or the Battery or the Interboro.

Anonymous said...

Yes EZ-Pass will be installed. They the tax collectors will just continue to take your money.