Friday, March 24, 2017

De Blasio creates fake issue for press conference

From City Council Watch:

Mayor de Blasio held a press conference earlier this week at Tweed Courthouse to announce a major new policy directive. He was joined by Melissa Mark-Viverito, Zachary Carter, Carmen Fariña, Gale Brewer, Vanessa Gibson, Nisha Agarwal, Carlos Menchaca, Helen Rosenthal, and a number of other officials and advocates.

The announcement was that from now on ICE agents will not be allowed in DOE schools unless they have a warrant. Everybody took a turn at the mike to denounce fear and hate. Corporation Counsel Carter and the head of school security for the NYPD ran through all the new protocols and training, the chains of command and lines of authority, the phone trees and channels of communication. Who would authenticate the warrants, who would accompany the agents. What number to call when the children are arrested and where you can go to get help.

At question time I asked the obvious question: “How many incidents have there been so far of ICE agents trying to enter schools, with or without warrants.” Mayor de Blasio answered, “None, so far.” Hmm. Then I had another question for Chancellor Fariña.

Later I went on YouTube to review the video of the press conference. But when the video came to my question there was an odd skip: the first question was cut from the video, and picked up again about 15 seconds later with my question for Fariña.

Someone with authority in Mayor de Blasio’s communications department decided that his answer to my question was off-message, and edited the tape to erase the part where the mayor admits that his new policy directive addresses a problem that does not exist. Basically it was all for show.

I excerpted a clip from the video to preserve the evidence that the mayor’s press office redacted his comments. Here it is:

Greg Gutfield went off on the Dope from Park Slope. (This is a must watch.)

Dopey also leaves news conferences when the questions aren't to his liking.


Anonymous said...

De Blasio to Press "Fuck you"
De Blasio to City "Fuck you"

But this turd will probably be re-elected. Wake up sheeple!

Anonymous said...

Is there nothing that can be done to stop two more terms of this idiot, or is the fix already in?

Anonymous said...


JQ LLC said...

Check out the face De Faustio makes right when the question is asked. He has that expression a lot, I recall one time his face was contorting like he was chewing gum or the way a horse chews gum.

Despite the brief respite thanks to Figurehead Trump's sucker punch firing of Preet, Mayor Big Slow is not going to get away with the shit he pulled. A lot of people are on the streets and cramped in hotels thanks to his lowlife, wormtongued, neoliberal lobbyists advice to benefit their predator developer clients.

Now all that has to be done is to FOIL the Cy Vance deposition of the Park Slope Dope.

JQ LLC said...

Re: Gutfield's great synopsis:

I previously referred to Mayor Big Slow The Dope From Park Slope De Faustio as a 6'5'' burlap sack of dead dicks and shit, now I have to add fish. Or like Gutfield said that would insult fish, so make that chum instead.

And if anyone interested asks or couldn't cares less, that wasn't me who shouted at that motherfuckin corrupt mayor at park avenue yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Mayor dumbdumb never wants to admit he's wrong. He's such an idiot... Can someone please throw him out of office? Hands down, worst mayor of nyc ever! I thought I hated bloomberg but now I want bloomberg back in office after seeing this idiot!

Anonymous said...

We should be welcoming ICE into the schools. They can reduce the class size and we could save money by not having to educate people who are not citizens or paying taxes into the system.

Snake Plissskin said...

This website is soooo educational!

Anonymous said...

Make the Road is an anti White and anti American organization. It's to promote illegal immigrants. Did the illegals vote in DeBlasio or did the people that they hate?

Anonymous said...

"Make the Road" is also funded by your city tax dollars through the discretionary funds.

Anonymous said...

&&& I want bloomberg back in office after seeing this idiot &&&

Makes me want Dinkins back my man. Even he had some common sense. This dude is gone with the wind. Hopefully he ends up in some federal prison.

Anonymous said...

I just hate every bit of this overgrown doofus! Especially his arrogance! He calls open news conferences and then leaves in a temper tantrum when he doesn't like the questions! I know I'm preaching to the choir on this one, but how can we get rid of him??? Now that his case is closed, he figures he's coasting to re election and he's probably right knowing how many whackos live here..... Help!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just sold my house,will be gone from this city& state soon.

JQ LLC said...

You know what's funny, considering the comment about ICE a few notches above, is that de Faustio, in addition to Carmen Farina and speaker Melissa, is even more of a divisive fear monger with his lying allegations about agents invading schools. This exploitation and pandering of hispanic communities will be his true undoing.

Anyone hear of ICE busting and moving out 8 illegal immigrant sex offenders last week?

Actually, Dinkins in his last few years wasn't that bad, the safe streets safe city campaign was very effective and crime went down in a few years. Frankly, Giuliani time would be better, although the homeless population went up dramatically under him too, and during his terms, so did the use and rise of rotten costly cluster buildings and hotel rooms to house them.

JQ LLC said...

It's also funny that for all the mileage and perceived political advantage given to De Faustio by Figurehead Trump from the rise in bigoted attacks in the last few months, that he didn't want to acknowledge the racist killing in Hell's Kitchen the other day. This from an asshole who held protest rallies in front of Trump's tower in Columbus Circle with celebrities to battle hatred

For it was a poor homeless black man that got murdered. And we all know how Mayor Big Slow treats people like this. With blatant indifference.

If this doesn't wake up some democratic party members here to start their primary campaigns then there is truly no future for the 5 boroughs.

Really, Stringer, Avella, even Letitia James, Christine Quinn or Jimmy Van Bramer, wake the fuck up.

Because Bo is looking good right now.

JQ LLC said...

One more thing.

This sloppy chopping to control the narrative might be worse, or just as bad, than the time de Faustio's 6 figure making farm team aides at city hall AV club added audio of some robot saying "white lives matter" to a DHS video at a protest last year in Bellerose.

Never mind the fact that town is predominantly black.

Anonymous said...

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Also see:IMMIGRATION PAUSE.ORG and sign in to protest to ur U.S.reps.