Saturday, March 25, 2017

All about de Blasio

Lots of links about the mayor's malfeasance this morning:

EXCLUSIVE: Mayor de Blasio donor raised nearly $200G for political favors, prosecutors say - Daily News

Judge orders Mayor Bill de Blasio to release consultant emails - AM-NY

De Blasio Says He’ll Fight to Hide From the Public His Correspondence With a High-Powered Real Estate Consultant - Observer

Critics Slam De Blasio After He Refuses To Take Questions About Midtown Stabbing - CBS


Anonymous said...

He doesn't refuse to answer the questions, he's just too stupid to know the answers. He's not called mayor dumbdumb for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Love the Mayor's new mantra, the lawyer made me do it.

JQ LLC said...

Mayor Big Slow's refusal to answer questions, even on shows that are basically media outlets to city hall, spectrum/ny1 and wnyc, shows utter contempt in addition to a mild form of oppression towards journalism. Which is totally remarkable after he was basically gloating about all the damning cases dismissed against him. Which he has his significant other, Figurehead Trump, to thank for his firing of Preet Bharara (run Preet run!)

And to refuse to answer about a bigoted motivated attack ( I refuse to call these hate crimes) has actually undermined the severity of that gruesome incident and devalued the life that was lost.

The shittiest part of all this, is that his calculated response comparing it to the mass murder in Charleston may have been worse than not acknowledging the killing to the press in the first place.

He waited a day to come up with that, I don't call him Mayor Big Slow for nothing.

Anonymous said...

He is playing stupid. Stupid like a fox. This guy needs to go away or a long time he gives corruption a bad name!

Anonymous said...

And, now this terminal shithead (who can suspend all cognitive function at will), thinks that visiting each borough is going to change the unanimous perception of his ever languishing subjects to favorable effect and outcome——and, he will be starting with a brazen visit to Staten Island, no less——where he is loathed, hated and despised even more than nuclear proliferation!

Frankly, I'm still livid over why PBA President Patrick Lynch didn't continue to demand this pitifully derelict mayor's impeachment, since the PBA's visible campaign that was launched in June of 2014, when the momentum was strong, focused and on caliber. What happened?

Now, this empowered, intensely incompetent idiot has wreaked havoc by destroying lives, livelihoods and democracy for all of his fed up and disgusted subjects, especially after he gave 'carte blanche' to a killer who traveled from Maryland on Saturday, December 20, 2014, to assassinate two Brooklyn police officers in cold blood (Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos), whilst on duty.

How does this lethally dangerous shithead sleep at nights? But, if this clueless mayor by default believes that a visit to my borough, Queens County, will improve his chances of advancing to another undeserved, unearned term, then he is deep into 'romantic fog' terrain that is sure to hasten his well deserved demise!

And, when this public fool rejects the press and refuses to answer questions that are his public duty, then what does he think he will do when I personally pepper him with questions that are evidently too painful for him to answer? Because, it's not going to be pretty, and THIS TIME 'ROUND, accountability and transparency WILL finally prevail!

Queens ain't no playground for the entirely failed, 'Shithead Schumer contolled' attempts from Preet Bharara to ignore justice and evidence. We Queens Crappers have been dumped on so much, that the whole filthy borough is now a toxic raw sewage plant of epic, humanitarian (and ecological) fail!

Welcome to the fowl, political downwinds of Queens, Bill——now, hold your breath——and don't let the sewage hit you in that hollow dickhead of yours!