Monday, March 13, 2017

Expediter sanctioned by DOB

From Brownstoner:

Arguably the most famous expediter-engineer in the city, Scott Schnall, lost the right to file with the Department of Buildings in late February and now hundreds of projects in Brooklyn are in limbo.

An administrative court held a trial, found Schnall guilty of falsifying documents, and the DOB barred him from submitting filings to the department.

Department of Buildings v Schnall by queenscrapper on Scribd

The Brownstoner post has since been removed for an unknown reason.


Anonymous said...

Clean up the DOB, expediters, architects, real estates and developers...don't forget the politicians

JQ LLC said...

Fascinating that Brownstoner, a newsblog specializing in neighborhood development and real estate speculation, would delete this so suddenly from their site. I wonder if they had a comprehensive article on the offenses and whatever machinations made by city officials, especially our mayor to give him permits to commit his chicanery. And if Schnall was able to do this with generous donations to CONY.

Apparently the majority of this fiend's work is in the tony and niche spots of goddamn Brooklyn, Superfund Gowanus and Park Slope.

Well, it's good to see the DOB finally noticing. Now how about all these properties this scumbag was working on be converted to shelters or genuine affordable housing.

Anonymous said...