Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stalled condo project is major eyesore

"At 146-10 35th Ave in Flushing, there seems to be a permanent construction freeze. This apartment building project has remained in this incomplete state for, I believe, more than 5 years." - anonymous


somethingstructural said...

The property you're looking at is 146-10, not 146-16.

That makes a lot more sense, with the SWO and debris falling off the site 5 years ago.... and the 23 open ECB violations... and the NB instead of A2 permits...

Ironically DOB processed a change of applicant PAA last Friday. Maybe there's hope after all.

Queens Crapper said...

Thank you. Made the correction.

Anonymous said...

There are a few stalled warlord towers around Flooshing.
These Chinese wannabees conquer a spot of land then they wind up stepping upon their own Dicks by law breaking or running out of money.

After five years all unfinished projects should be torn down and the city seize the property for the cost of having to tear these down.

Suzuki Corporatio, a supporter of John Liu, still has an unoccupied building near Bowne House. It violated NYC fire code and has been permitted to remain for over a dozen years without a certificate of occupancy.

They can never get one because of major fire code violations.

Anonymous said...

Check out 142-15 Cherry Ave. Same story, that skeleton structure has been in the same state for about 6 years now.