Friday, May 8, 2015

So who will Scarborough flip on?

From the Observer:

New York State Assemblyman William Scarborough, a Democrat representing Queens, has agreed to enter guilty pleas to state and federal charges related to misusing his campaign funds and state travel reimbursements, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli announced today.

Mr. Scarborough, 69, will pleaded guilty this morning on the federal charges of wire fraud and theft concerning a program receiving federal funds. This afternoon, he will appear in an Albany court to plead guilty to state charges of grand larceny in the fourth degree related to the misuse of more than $40,000 from his campaign account.

The guilty plea comes just days after Republican State Senate Leader Dean Skelos was charged with using his position and influence to earn cash for his son, Adam Skelos, and months after Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was charged with disguising kickbacks and bribes as outside income. The rash of high-profile Albany corruption cases has spurred calls for ethics reforms, with some changes included in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recently adopted state budget.

As part of the deal, Mr. Scarborough is expected to serve a year in jail for the state charge. He could face up to 20 years in prison on the federal wire fraud charge, and 10 years for the theft charge.

Mr. Scarborough has agreed to resign his position as an Assemblyman, donate his remaining campaign funds to charity, and pay $54,355 in restitution to the state.


Anonymous said...

How much jail time will the toupee be sentenced to - or will it be donated to charity?

Anonymous said...

How about flipping on all of them? That should keep Preet busy!

Richard Iritano said...

Sadly, we need more than 100 Preet Bharara's keeping vigil around the clock until the next millennium!

Because corruption, graft, cover-ups, kickbacks, payoffs, cronyism and nepotism in New York State is a full time business---as the business itself continues devalue honesty!

Anonymous said...

Who's keeping an eye on Preet?

Richard Iritano said...

Right now, Preet is watching FOR US, Anonymous! And he's closely watching everyone who was publicly elected, who are part of a rampant criminal element in Albany that makes organized crime rings worldwide look like the amateur hour!

Alas, there aren't many brave men like Preet Bharara, over the past decade to finally take a stand against New York State's systemic corruption and graft--and all of it apparently was tacitly sanctioned and condoned by master criminal sociopath, Sheldon Silver, and the ring leader himself, Andrew Cuomo--with impunity!

But, if we can't even show a modicum of faith and support for someone like Bharara to execute difficult work like this, without questioning the integrity of his motives, then what's left to challenge, and by whom?

Give the system a chance, then! When I see our shady, derelict governor in handcuffs (especially after disbanding the Moreland Commission, at the exact time that they were preparing to investigate the governor himself, along with his henchmen), then I will know that 'business as usual' as it relates to corrupt politicians in Albany will no longer be acceptable, and where more censure, investigations and serious journalism continues to challenge top level public servants BECAUSE of the actions of Preet Bharara, right through to indictment and public office removal (as a testament to real financial consequences).

From the looks of things, Preet will be very busy for a long, long time!

Finally, as Preet himself has already cautioned--stay tuned, folks!

Richard Iritano said...

Score Card: One 300% fake Albany Speaker dethroned (Sheldon Silver--but, still ironically holding an Assembly seat); the second impostor king arrested (Dean Skelos--and on his way to be pushed out this coming week); and finally, the pending arrest (by Preet Bharara), of false, fake and failed leader No. 3---Andrew Cuomo!

Three Albany Kings of Con--all fit to serve their next involuntarily elected terms in the federal penitentiary. But, so far it only looks like Public Service Impostor No. 2 will be headed there, and like Scarborough, Sleazy Skelos will likely be sentenced to minimum jail time.

It was the late jailbird herself, Leona Helmsley, who once correctly maintained: "Only the little people pay taxes." But, she never mentioned anything about how corrupt politicians rarely served any serious jail time, or were ever ordered to pay restitution for their public crimes.

However, if she were alive today, the latter observations above would undoubtedly be a part of a complete statement, for whom she is now only partially ascribed, remembered and memorialized.

For now, I continue to heed Preet Bharara's words to "Stay tuned!"