Saturday, May 2, 2015

Did a squatter kill the football coach?

From DNA Info:

Police investigating the murder of a Queens father of three earlier this week are checking a vacant house the gunman was seen entering, authorities said.

Jerwaine Gorman, 34, a father of three young children and Rosedale Jets head coach, was shot in the chest while sitting in a Mercedes-Benz in South Jamaica on Wednesday afternoon.

The gunman walked up to the car, which was parked on 167th Street near Linden Boulevard, around 12:30 p.m. and fired one shot at Gorman, police said.

After the shooting, the suspect fled on foot towards 166th Street and was seen entering an abandoned house there, police said.

Four men were found inside the home and taken into custody for questioning, but it was not clear whether any of them was the gunman. No arrests have been made as of Friday morning, police said.

One of the men questioned had on a gray T-shirt which matched the description of the one the gunman wore, sources said.

Sources also said the house was not considered a spot known for drug use and a motive for the shooting remains unclear.


Anonymous said...

There is something very fishy about this whole story. Who was he in the car with and why? Did he have any enemies? It's a shame either way.

Anonymous said...

Yep, south Jamaica. Not the safest place in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Hands Up!!!! Don't Shoot!!!

Why is this a story? Did the police shoot him?

Black Lives Matter. (Only if killed by the police)

JQ said...

In spite of sunny declarations of crime going down and prospective housing for those in need we have a senseless murder in a town easily overlooked because it's not, as one would term hot yet. This is happening with a disturbing frequency whether it's a shooting, stabbing or a child's death because of neglect or abuse.

These are the new bad days. Come up with as many theories as you will, but it all boils down to indifference from authorities and government in addition to the nihilistic tendencies of recidivist derelict criminals

Who knows the motive of this heinous act but that house needs to be raided and locked down. It was possibly abandoned like the majority of foreclosed homes after the economic meltdown and bailout of banksters in 2008

Anonymous said...

This killing has not been overlooked and it was no random thing. Read the post, CBS and queens chronicle stories on it for a peek into the possibilities. The victim had an interesting history and more is bound to come out. This was a hit.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the time is now for all of us to carry a gun.

Anonymous said...

'This killing has not been overlooked and it was no random thing.'

Sure it has been overlooked. Where is Jackson? Sharpton? DeBlasio? Obama? The protesters? The outrage?

Zero concern when black people kill black people.

His only hope for justice was that squatter being white or his being shot by a police officer.

It is sad that the African American community lets itself become this caricature.

Maybe they should add squatting in an unoccupied home to the list of quality of life crimes so the City Council can decriminalize it.

Anonymous said...

Top story right now:

NY Post:
Royal family has new baby.
Woman cheats after miserable Mother's Day.
The big fight.

NY Daily News:
Royal baby.
David Goldberg dies.
The big fight.

NY Newsday:
LIE bus fire.
Child abuse legislation.
Bicycle rider hit by car.

No one thinks a man sitting in his car in the middle of the day on a city street with a woman being murdered is news.

Now if the perpetrator was white or a police officer how would this story be different?

Black Lives (don't)Matter.

Where are DiBlasio? Sharpton? Jackson? etc.?

Anonymous said...

Black lives matter only if the Left can exploit them. Otherwise, they don't mean squat (even to the Left when you think about it).

Anonymous said...

Points on media well taken, but this is the most read story on the queens chronicle website right now and has been since Thursday. It's not overlooked by everyone.

Anonymous said...

And now we have a cop shot in queens village. Damn I miss mike and Rudy and George w.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Rudy Giulliani was so f-----g smart he had the NYC command center put into the World Trade Center. We pay for everything. It's gone along with the twin towers. Now Rudy is doing TV commercials for "Lifelock" an identity theft security company. What a loud mouth doofus.

Anonymous said...

Giuliani saved this city from the criminals, you moron.

JQ said...

Yeah Rudy Giulliani was so f-----g smart he had the NYC command center put into the World Trade Center

It posssibly might be the reason the building may have been imploded instead of being destroyed by the fallout of the twin towers.

That command center was just a glorified hangout and meeting room for financial bigs and upper tier cops.

It's a good thing the chronicle is on it, but it's being ignored on the prime time local news media where it could get more viewers. Instead they are doing their usual infotainment journolebrity fetishdining news.

Anonymous said...

Why was he sitting in a Mercedes Benz on a street in Jamaica in the middle of the afternoon?

drug buy, drug business, drug money.
how could he afford a Mercedes Benz?

JQ said...

Maybe they should add squatting in an unoccupied home to the list of quality of life crimes so the City Council can decriminalize it

It's already been decriminalized, unofficially though.

It's called AIRBnb and the squatters are their employees.

This shooting is starting to resemble the assassination of that caring woman who sheltered juveniles. As this guy was also a pillar of the community and beloved.

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 12: Who says it was his car? Who says that he was doing anything illegal? Do you know anything? If you do, you shouldn't be posting anything here. Instead, you should be telling the police what you know.

Anonymous said...

All lives matter, black, white, old , young. People matter! Well he did have a degree from a great school and a reasonable 9-5 job to afford his things.

Anonymous said...

It is f**ked up that someone would think that he shouldn't have a Mercedes because he lives in South Jamaica Queens, first of all I live in Queens not too far from the shooting and why is it a problem for a black young man to have such things WITHOUT being a drug dealer??? Why does it matter why he was outside at Noon? I have a damn good job and when I take a day off from it I am outside at NOON so what!?? The bottomline he was killed in broad daylight and the reason is unknown especially since he was a pillar of the community so for someone to bring up the car he was in is just an ignorant comment from an equally ignorant person!!! RIP to that man and God Bless his family un real!

annie johnson said...

I knew Him and he was a good person always helping someone H helped me start a small business when i lost my job and he will be missed Im from jamaica queens and it was rough back when i lived there but it has gotten better

schizo1688 said...

The guy have a past criminal history, dig deeper , you don’t fire 1 shot into a person’s chest unless it was an assassination