Friday, May 1, 2015

Anti-hotel rally in Broadway-Flushing

I'm sure you remember the monstrosity from this post a week ago. The owner denies that it will be a hotel.

Original home, circa 1926. The John J. Halleran residence.


Anonymous said...

Where is your councilman?

Where are your community board people?

Ask them why. Do it publically. Do it often. Even write a few letters to the editor.

Share your fun with Crappy. We are a fun group. :)

Anonymous said...

Good for the protesters! I'm glad they are going out there taking a stand, however, I doubt mr. yang will adhere to the warnings! The Asians don't think laws especially housing laws apply to them!

Anonymous said...

Don't mess with North Flushing.

Anonymous said...

Love the signs! Great work!!

They should check the Project Information Panel at the site against the Zoning Diagram in the DOB's web site for this property....just in case they are different.

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty good crowd for a Thursday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Dept of Buildings on this: stop work order in place; everything ever filed is in audit; change in occupancy, but Architect filed for a mere Alteration Type 2... Then, check out this architect's other filings: the man is a catastrophe. Interesting that he doesn't self-certify - he's be crucified if he did. Guess he makes enough money getting fools to sign his agreements and pay the retainer to not worry about ultimate outcomes.

Anonymous said...

I am completely shocked the owner is Chinese. never would have expected that.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Yes....where are you on this issue Councilman Vallone?

I do not think that many of the developers who are clients of the councilman would appreciate him bucking the building he will dummy up on this.

Paul Vallone has two jobs:
#1. City Council Member. #2. Developers' lobbyist.

Which job pays more money in the end?

A lawyer is always most loyal to the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ he gets.

Lucky Valllone! He gets to double dip....a nice city council salary plus his fat lobbying fees.
Nice work if you can get it. You can get if because you gullible voters put him in office.

Voters beware!
Do not allow Vallone to double dip himself a second term.

Our district has already suffered enough under this latest encarnation of the same Vallone dynasty that ruined Astoria.

It's your vote. It's your neighborhood!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Glad you like my signs. Thank you.

a nabe resident said...

"Mr. Yang " , whoever, WILL NOT get away with raping Broadway Flushing. There will be lawsuits , whatever, if DOB does not properly do its job here.

I plan to contact DOI for an investigation into DOB's practices if they don't act against this hotel being opened.
Maybe the FBI should also launch an investigation into any mob ties with developers, contractors, the construction industry that DOB has been found guilty of before.

Will Senator Avella demand a DOI investigation?
If not, this event did more for him than the residents.

Anonymous said...

The size of the "alteration" has already exceeded the allowable square footage permitted under NYC zoning.

Tear down the addition! Or will this unfinished eyesore be standing for five more years?

The Flushing Phantom said...

The "architect" of this atrocity has permanently been banned from professionally cerifying his work.

Anonymous said...

It is true that one bad apple is not representative of the entire crop, but the truth of the matter is, you simply do not see many other groups engaging in this sort greed. Take a tour of Elmhurst, Queens and speak to the few elderly individuals who have stuck it out for all these years. Speak to even some of the 30 and 40 year-olds who know the neighborhood for an even shorter span of time, but who have nonetheless witnessed drastic changes to the landscape in an alarmingly short amount of time. And what about downtown Flushing? Dirty, filthy, putrid and extremely overdeveloped are just some of the adjectives that come to mind. So, as they say, I rest my case. You cannot blame non Asian residents for their anger or their comments. No one wants that squalid, shitty mess making its way north! This unacceptable situation goes well beyond one rotten apple, my dear!

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that this will be a maternity house for Chinese anchor babies?

The Flushing Phantom said...

Try Italians , Greeks, etc. that ruined Malba. It is not just Asians that have fucked up the area!

Anonymous said...

Greed and bad taste has no ethnic exclusivity. A low brow is a low brow.

Anonymous said...

How come our councilman was heard saying that he was "the great White hope" when he was running for the city council?
Yes we have a government racist representing a diverse district.

veteran said...

No mistake on my part. What do you mean? My post was clear.

Anonymous said...

Once again, ONLY a landmark district can save Broadway.
Give up a little to gain a lot!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me. I am not Asian, but I resent the narrow minded bigotry of that lengthy poster. You are not my neighbor. If you live here, I regret your presence.
My Asian next door neighbor dislikes what is being done here on this site. Stereotyping and anger is all I hear from racists like you. What is your nationality? It's none of my business to ask. Just like it's none of your business to broad stroke any other nationality with slurs.

Anonymous said...

I think we have a lone wolf, possessed by anger....a verbose bogus poster who does not actually live in Broadway...but is trying to make the neighborhood look like their views are like his (or hers).

Broadway's spirit of kinship among neighbors goes way back to 1964 when BFHA was founded. The aim is to cooperate with each other in pursuit of the good life here.
We unite to keep our fine quality of life for all of us residents.

You have had your moment of xenophobic rage on an electronic soap box, now stow it away.....please. It has no place in the solving of problems.

Anonymous said...

So is Senator Avella going to do anything after the press conference is over? Call his office and ask Seth what's next. I think this event was a great first step. Now strike while the iron is hot. Bravo to you all!

Anonymous said...

Will the hotel be charging hourly rates?

Anonymous said...

When a politician hold his own wallet you know the fleece is coming 🐑

Anonymous said...

Excuse me. I am not Asian, but I resent the narrow minded bigotry of that lengthy poster. You are not my neighbor. If you live here, I regret your presence.
The developers and their politician stooges do not like citizens holding open discussions, expressing opinions, or considering suggestions that stand in the way for development, and more importantly, campaign donations.

So they detail hacks to this site to discredit it with stupid racist comments in a lame effort to discredit it.

Anonymous said...

Right on the money, last poster!
You have got real political smarts!
Let the lackeys do the dirty work.
The lords of the manor are too bust counting their money.

resident said...

This will not be swept under the rug as easily as it might be elsewhere. These are determined homeowners.
Their association was founded in 1964 to preserve the fine residential quality of the area.

Any false accusations of "anti Asian" won't wash.
Don't try to pull the race card here.

BFHA has never lost a court case regarding illegal development in their neighborhood.

Are you going to stand up for us, Councilman Valllone, or are you sitting this one out?

I understand that you and Senator Avella aren't exactly pals, but this is your district. You should be doing something about this!

Stand with the senator for the good of the community, or be noticed for your absence.

disappointed BFHA member said...

Where was the president of BFHA, talk about being absent?
I think they need a new president.
BFHA has had far better presidents leaders in the past.
Maybe the organization is becoming moribound.
It 's only a matter of time and attrition until they run out of money for lawsuits.
In about eight years, there goes the nabe.
It isn't too late to beef things up at BFHA to prevent this from happening.

Anonymous said...

As a newcomer to Broadway,
I've noticed that the BFHA board is predominantly White, Italian and Irish.
It would be nice to have an intelligent Asian , non White, etc. on board. No.
The 1960s are over, folks. It's time to get with more modern times.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to be critical and point your finger in such a cavalier manner.
Mr. Hanophy is a hard working volunteer!
What do you personally contribute that enriches the quality of life in Broadway?
This has ALWAYS been a welcoming community.
Breeding infighting IS NOT in anyone's best interest here.

Anonymous said...

The president of the BFHA is, in my humble opinion, its most intelligent member. He happens to be gainfully employed and if you saw his quote in the Courier piece didn't seem on board with the rally once the owners of the home were contacted and the "confusion" arose. He seems like a level headed guy who weighs things carefully and has definitely given of his time very generously on issues in the past.

Anonymous said...

I used to contribute more time to Broadway. After awhile I felt that I was spinning my wheels in the mud because a few BFHA board members were stuck in the mud with their antique thinking.

The problems of the 1970s are not the problems of 2015, nor are the tactics needed to preserve the fine quality of life here.

Without a municipal landmark district, Broadway will become just another overcrowded Queens neighborhood.

Any of the few remaining stubborn critics of landmarking had best consider what they will be losing without it.

Briadway Baby said...

Is Mr. Hanophy on board with this landmarking process?

Asian homeowner said...

I delight in having moved into Broadway.
My family enjoys the suburban quality of the area , while being so close to Manhattan. I volunteer where I can.

Anonymous said...

"It's time to get with more modern times"
I got news the modern times suck big time.

Anonymous said...

Then check out. Modern times is alls we'ves gots. Go live in the past.

Anonymous said...

Everyone gives generously of his time here.
However it is not everyone who agrees that BFHA has the best president it could have.

Broadway is at war, like it or not, with tree and home destroyers.
A warrior president is what is needed here now , not a soft boiled political player.

By all means be polite, calculated, carefull, and consider all. But be ready to act or your developer enemies will walk over your once beautiful nabe.

Has the current president got the stones for that?

Let's take pause. It's front garden judging time in Broadway. Don't worry. Be happy.

resident said...

It looks like the presiden's family has come to his defense.

Anonymous said...

Are you insinuating that other members of BFHA are not gainfully employed?
We could not afford our houses if we weren't.
As far as I've noticed its board members do have jobs.
Maybe you are the armchair philosopher who hasn't one.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, dontchaluvit?
The comments are mounting again!
Somebody will be following this to the end when it's in archives.

Ms. 162 St. said...

Level headed is fine.
A CEO, a president, a chairman of the board is required by law, to execute his company's or organization's positions.

There are some questions here regarding this.

proud resident of Broadway said...

Based upon Broadway Flushing's resident 's actual votes....they desire a landmark district as the best means to protect their architecturally and historically important neighborhood from destruction.

Please, let's get on with it to make it so.
Our neighborhood is our best investment.
I did not just buy a home. I bought my neighborhood.

There is no need for personal attacks here.

Anonymous said...

I ask you BFHA board members. How does it feel to be implied as being jless competent than your current president?

Nice, huh? Somebody's got a screw loose.

good grief, Charlie Brown said...

I must admit that I'm enjoying following all this.
Yawn! But at this point the fencing match is getting amateurish.

I think I'll return to my "All In The Family" reruns.

Please stick to the issues.

The issue here is an attempt to sneak in an illegal hotel and the best way to stop it.
If it requires diplomacy, fine. If it requires court action , fine!

Back biting only aides your adversaries.

Anonymous said...

Is it just a rumor or an extremely disturbing fact?
Mr. Prez privately is not keen on a landmark district for Broadway, while publicly he appears for it.
This must be cleared up before Mr. Prez is permitted to serve another term.

Anonymous said...

Broadway is on the skids unless some changes are made, and pronto!
It's exec board seems to be getting tired....with good reason because it's very hard work. Bravo to all!

Their hardest task is selecting an able president.
Who wants the job?

Maybe it's too much for one person to handle.
Some orgs have both a president and chair.
Sharing the labor here might be a welcome change
for BFHA.

Anonymous said...

Let's have a tea party and elect the Mad Hatter president.

Anonymous said...

Never have a lawyer run any organization.
They are nit packers and too timid should the occasion rise for the need to be aggressive.
The exception being a tough litigator in private practice.
No cushy government attorneys, please..

Broadway Baby said...

By Jove, this is a hot issue.
Will the comments never end?

Anonymous said...

"Godfather I".
Sonny Corleone complains to Tom Hagen.
"Pop had Genco, a wartime consigliere. Look what I've got". this the same situation in Broadway?
Does BFHA need a wartime consigliere?
It's way past time to continue pussy footing around.

Anonymous said...

"Back biting" , in this case, exposes hypocrisy.

Broadway resident said...

Put your efforts int your nabe instead of criticizing hard working people. I've shown great patience in following these comments, but I'm tuning out. Too much venting. Too little accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Some people work hard. Others work smart.
Does one of the Vallone wives work in the ADA's office?

Jerry Rotondi, BFHA member said...

Are we or are we not supporting Senator Avella in pushing for the municipal landmark status we deserve? Or will we be sidetracked by Paul Vallone's dubious agenda?

Be sure to attend Tony's rally when scheduled or forever hold your complaints about the destruction of Broadway.

How come Vallone did not have any representatives at this demonstration ? We know he doesn't like Tony, but this issue is beyond any adolescent political grudges held.

Are you with your constituents or against them, councilman?
That was a purely rhetorical question. I believe it was already answered by the councilman's absence here.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bob Hanophy should be posting to clear up any misconceptions. Mr. Presidency, may we hear from you?

Anonymous said...

RU kidding? Assistant district attorneys never post on Queens Crap.

Anonymous said...

Don't upset the Queens Machine if you want a judgeship someday.

Anonymous said...

Yep, his daddy is a retired judge. Make no waves or it can affect your future.

highly critical member said...

If the current BFHA president is slated for re-election, I resign my membership. There is no point anymore. Let the area become another overdeveloped tasteless Malba.
It is in the cards anyway, unless some strong leadership emerges.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to attend Senator Avella's landmark rally.
If BFHA's president does not appear, he needs to resign or be removed from his office.
Fence straddling will eventually wind up getting you with a picket up your ass.

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta luv it!
A Chinese Communist comes to Broadway to engage in the capitalistic pursuit of running a hotel.

Clever, though. He claims the big house is for his big family.
How can you tell the Yangs From the Yings, or whoever comes with a suitcase to the house-hotel?
Genealogical research into family ties take long.

Anonymous said...

BFHA has gotten so weak under its latest president that they are afraid to squeak. Keep it up . Your nabe will be gone in two years. Lose this fight and the signal goes out internationally that Broadway is up for grabs.

Learn to grow a pair of balls, and quick.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Apparently Avella and Graziano were given a walk through of he house to establish that it was NOT a hotel.