Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yankees screw neighborhood kids

While the law requires the city to replace all of the recreational facilities taken for the new stadium, most of the replacements are planned as rooftop parks on new garages, yet to be built.

But Heritage Field, the replacement for three of the four grass baseball fields, will be where the old stadium now stands, so work can't even begin until the House that Ruth Built comes down - which is expected to take a year, with work not set to begin until April.

For now, neighborhood sluggers can play on an interim baseball field just north of the old stadium, but that sits on land earmarked for Garage C of the new complex, scheduled to begin construction in the spring.

So between then and the completion of Heritage Field in 2011, the nearest regulation baseball fields open to the public will be at Public School 29 at Courtlandt Ave. and at the West Bronx Recreation Center more than a mile away.

The Yankees will play, but for now, kids won't


Anonymous said...

All the kids have to do is quit school, get some work (stealing cars, dealing drugs - anything to make enough money), and then use the money to pay off the Commissar.

Then he will let them have the ballfields (maybe upstate in New Paltz).

Look at all the real-life lessons these kids will have learned. It will teach them all about real civics, all about business, all about the treacherousness of expecting a city employee to be honest.

Anonymous said...

This is a disgrace - I knew the resident would be screwed out of their playgrounds for a long time!

Where are and who are the Pols in this area - they should be working quad time in moving along the timetables - watching the game soon in the food laden suites?

faster340 said...

But "Big Shea" was/is being torn down faster than you can blink! The city administration is the biggest bag of shit there ever was!

Anonymous said...

and after a few years slip by, someone will build apartments or condos on this hallowed ground, just like they did to Ebbets Field.