Thursday, December 25, 2008

FNY in Jamaica Hills

There doesn't seem to be any crap in this neighborhood, which I find hard to believe, but Mr. Walsh usually includes that if he finds it. Click photo to go to page.


Anonymous said...

No, there's crap in Jamaica Hills. Kevin mentioned the Jamaica Muslim Center, about a block south of Jamaica High School, a building which is out of character for the low-rise houses in the area.

Anonymous said...

And even more lovely are the houses/apartments just up the block from olde white box of a house, complete with paved yard. some of the earliest crap around. or hey, across the street from the mosque, complete with livery cabs filling the "front yards" aka driveways. or one block west where there's another example...ooh, or 164 street just up from highland i think it is, they actually attached the crap to a detached house that was recently foreclosed on...made the required mess building it too.

oh, and where hillcrest high school is was once a beautiful old school that had various names over the years but one was the jamaica normal school. right by normal road.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame what the owners of the tudors in the picture (except the second from right) did to their houses. Who in their right mind replaces the stucco of a tudor with siding. It's hybrid crap that stinks like a whore house.