Sunday, December 28, 2008

Caroline supports Queens preservation

A Richmond Hill elementary school may be the first in Queens to gain landmark status after the city Landmarks Preservation Commission considered the school’s case last week.

PS 66 was constructed in 1898 and has Victorian features, including round arches and a bell tower used to notify children on farms that school was starting.

PS 66 was known as the Brooklyn Hills School when it opened in 1901, after the name of a nearby development. It was renamed the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School in 2001, Leinwand said, in part because she promoted literacy and had a passion for historic preservation.

At the Manhattan hearing last week, Leinwand said LPC Commissioner Robert Tierney read a letter of endorsement from Onassis’ daughter, Caroline Kennedy.

Rich. Hill’s PS 66 up for landmark


georgetheatheist said...

Caroline might support Queens preservation. That's nice, but to make her a US Senator? I don't think so.

BTW did you all read on Tuesday's NY Times Letters page, the apology for publishing on Monday, the preceding day, a fake letter attributed to Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe?

Man, did the Times have egg on its face!

However, whoever the trickster was who wrote the fake missive hit the nail on the head with Caroline Kennedy:

"What title has Ms. Kennedy to pretend to Hillary Clinton's seat? We French can only see a dynastic move of the vanishing Kennedy clan in the very country of the Bill of Rights."

"...I find her bid in very poor my opinion she has no qualification whatsoever to bid for Senator Clinton's seat."

"The Kennedy era is long gone, and I guess that New York has plenty of more qualified candidates to fill the shoes of Hillary Clinton. Can we speak of American decline?"

Vive "Monsieur le maire", le faux Bertrand Delanoe!

Anonymous said...

This is a really gorgeous school. Definitely one of the nicest in the county. Too bad it has a few of those bright red trailers in its front yard.

Anonymous said...

She does eh?? Day late and a dollar short.