Sunday, December 21, 2008

DEP messes up co-op's water bill

The president of Glen Oaks Village said the co−op was put through “torture” by the city Department of Environmental Protection over the last 18 months in its effort to get $270,000 in erroneous water bills corrected.

The settlement was reached nearly 18 months after the discrepancy was found by Friedrich, who said the $400,000 figure was about how much the co−op figured it owed during that span.

About 10,000 residents — including 3,000 families — live in Glen Oaks Village apartments. The co−op has 133 water meters.

Friedrich, also a candidate for City Council in 2009, said he noticed about 18 months ago that charges for six of the meters were grossly inaccurate.

The quarterly readings for the six meters generally come in at between $12,000 and $24,000, Friedrich said, but the co−op got a bill totaling more than $271,000.

DEP corrects bills for Glen Oaks co−op

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