Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bloomberg pissed at councilmembers

With one eye on the canyon-like budget gaps and the other on reelection, City Council members voted 33 to 18 last week for a 7% property tax rate hike.

As far as Mayor Bloomberg is concerned, the 18 no-sayers took the cowardly route, not taking responsibility for assuring essential services and workers - such as cops, firefighters and sanitation workers - are maintained.

Heroes or not, here's the 18 who voted against the 7% tax hike: Manhattan: none; the Bronx: Democrat James Vacca; Queens: Republican Anthony Como, Democrats Tony Avella, Joseph Addabbo, James Gennaro, Eric Gioia, Peter Vallone Jr. and Hiram Monserrate; Brooklyn: Democrats Charles Barron, Erik Martin Dilan, Simcha Felder, Lewis Fidler, Vincent Gentile, Diana Reyna and Michael Nelson; Staten Island: Republicans Ignizio and James Oddo and Democrat Michael McMahon.

Mike Bloomberg slams council foes of 7% property tax hike

How many of them asked Quinn for permission to vote no this time?


Anonymous said...

the 18 who voted against the 7% tax hike make King Bloomberg not an absolute without question rule. Thank you 18 independent council voters! I will remember you all.

Anonymous said...

Loser Como is now worried that his McMonstrosity is going to start costing him McMoney.

He just may lose weight freaking out how to pay both the tax increase and the McFines he's refused to pay so far.

A new job where he has to actually work for a living will do his lying soul some McGood.

With extra money, he may even be able to afford speech lessons. Oh! First, he'd need a new brain.

Anonymous said...

I've already donated my home to a not for profit organization with the legally contracted stipulation tfor the duration of my life.

Now it's OFF THE NYC TAX ROLES and you get zilch from me and my family you scum sucking mayor!

Anonymous said...

Correction (line #3):
...that I can live there for the duration of my life.

Anonymous said...

the same ones that voted for willets point ,wow what happend hear jew burg couldnt get his way

Anonymous said...

He pissed at them?
Did they piss back?

Queens Crapper said...

No, instead they piss on us.