Monday, December 29, 2008

¿Que pasa en la Casa Antigua?

Let me know how my Spanish translation skills are 'cause I'm a bit rusty...

"Inviting all for days and nights of happiness.


See a live singer dance with your partner and if you're a good dancer win cash prizes or free drinks.


Night of big surprises - win a "surprise girl" to dance with the purchase of 75 dollars of mixed drinks or pina coladas or margaritas.


Have your favorite sexy nurse cure your ills and with your consent more and many more gifts.


We already have a police doll that wants to punish you for your arrest you deserve to get everything you want and dream.

Friday & Saturday

Live music with the groups that you know and if you want to celebrate your birthday, divorce or bachelor party just call, we are preparing everything to bring your partner or find one here.

Hot Sunday

Sexy girls and a surprise gift to the first key persons - shirts and other surprises but with the new name. We have billiards, foosball, ATM and other things. Open 7 days.

New administration is to see the law."

Apparently, a woman with fake boobs is waiting to paddle you (and God knows what else) at the Casa Antigua.


georgetheatheist said...

District Attorney Richard Brown.

We have implored you persistently for 2 years now, on this site to investigate and prosecute the rampant nefarious and illegal sex businesses that infest our borough.

Your silence was and is deafening.

And I have to laugh, when the borough's biggest promoters of whoredom, the Queens Tribune (in their classified ad section), makes you their Person of the Year in this week's issue. There you are posing with the Great Pimp himself, Michael Shenkler, in a photo on the editorial page, while at the back of his rag the prostitutes are having a field day.

Anonymous said...

George you just about wrapped it up.

Now where are the feminist groups to stop this? Or, it being Queens, hands off the ghetto?

Queens Crapper said...

Dick Brown: Ten Feet Tall And Still Growing

Anonymous said...

Just file this one under "diversity is our strength". Nothing to see here folks.

Anonymous said...

Where are the police? Under this mayor is every crime ignorable. Just pretend that crime does not exist and the streets are safe. Where are our elected officials? If we can read about this here surely they can read about it and do something. We really need new honest persons to lead this city or we are doomed.

georgetheatheist said...

"Beat me Daddy. Eight to the Bar."


Anonymous said...

That's some translation, makes you wonder why its not in English.

Anonymous said...


georgetheatheist said...

The Italian "girl" must be jealous of her charms.

Anonymous said...

Scusa? Non essere ridicolo, giorgio.