Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from Queens Crap!

Taken on a recent road trip. Read the history of the Big Duck, how he outlasted the development plan for his home and how he was moved.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


Anonymous said...

merry giftmas to ya'll! from the snowy northwest hell..


Taxpayer said...

Queens Crap: the gift that keeps on giving it to all the tweedy creeps in the city, especially Queens.

Who can we thank for QC? How can we thank QC? I'd love to give a gift of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all!!
Where did you find the life-size toilet duck?

Kevin Walsh said...

You're CRAPPING on the DUCK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i used to pass this duck every weekend going out east to party ,have'nt seen it in 10 years ,good to know its still there

merry christmas crapper love the crapper keep it up good work

Queens Crapper said...

Kevin, I can sit on something without crapping on it! Sheesh.

back in black said...

merry christmas crapper and keep up the great work the city is a better place because of you

Kevin Walsh said...

Then explain that STRAINED expression on your face!

Queens Crapper said...

You think it's easy trying to balance a round frame on a duck's curved back?

-Joe said...

Its still there, but on the east side of the road closer to Riverhead. (its original location after devoloper and former landlord got run out of town on there ass)

I was there the night they moved it back. It was a quite big victory party in Flanders.
What a classic photoshop, I have to print and bring that to the duck. Im sure they will pin it up.

It it possible to get a bigger (larger) file ?

Merry Christmas.

Wade Nichols said...

Belated Merry Christmas to all!

Happy Kwanzaa to Ridgewoodian and Sal!

Anonymous said...


Ah Geez listen to this guy !
Why does sombody always has to spoil it ?

Kwanzaa....Thats a made up cultural Holiday by some self appointed "Dr." in the 60's.
Whats next Gay Day ?

How about beat up and stab your spouse day for the Central American's ?
Goat Sacrifice day ?
This PCness is getting really bad.

Un-friggan real !!!

Anonymous said...

Wade says happay Kawanza to his neighbors Sal and Ridgewoodian.Uh isnt that sweet.It sounds like my neighbors funny very over weight friends leaving one night and said happy kawanza at my door and laughed.
Sometimes people here say enough to hang themselves by there own stupidity.
Time it takes for a post on Christamas to turn negative on here? 3 to 4 posts.