Monday, December 29, 2008

Time to stick a fork in Ratner

From Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn:

Right about now, in the midst of an historic fiscal and budget crisis, leaders in New York State and City really need to be considering what is best for all New Yorkers and how to spread and share sacrifice.

There is plenty waste and wishful, head-in-sand thinking going on with the Atlantic Yards development proposal, and if our political leaders finally get tired of Forest City Ratner's baloney (the observant public has been tired of it for years) they have plenty of ways to terminate the project and start over in an appropriate, public-minded manner.

Noticing New York blogger Michael D. D. White lays out a few termination sugggestions and asks you for your input.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ratner - move to Upszone! Upzone! Upzone! Dutch Kills where the local morons will embrace you with open arms.