Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Manhattanville before the bulldozers

Excellent post by Jeremiah about a photographer who's Capturing Manhattanville before it gets destroyed by Columbia University.


Anonymous said...

Columbia, like NYU and Hunter and Pratt are whores for the developers.

All those studies telling us how a community being raped by a developer should just lay back and enjoy it.

Without a peep from the prervation community (who not only have grads from the schools, but have the double benefit of making money from development with the assurance that it will not happen in THEIR communities).

Overturn the landmark law. Merry Xmas assholes!

Queens Crapper said...

"Columbia, like NYU and Hunter and Pratt are whores for the developers."

Completely agree with one minor correction. Columbia, NYU, Hunter/CUNY and Pratt ARE developers.

Anonymous said...

There going to build large basements with these new buildings in a flood zone.An ex professor from Columbia warned about this and they ignorned him.