Monday, December 29, 2008

LIJ gives gifts to vets on their payroll

The North Shore−Long Island Jewish Health System surprised six of its employees who had served in the military since 2003 during an intimate luncheon Tuesday by giving each of them a check that made up the difference between their military pay and the salary they would have earned with the hospital had they been home.

“The purpose of this is to basically say ‘Thank you,’ ” said Michael Dowling, chief executive officer of North Shore−LIJ. “We do know that this is an extraordinary commitment that you make. This is just a brief recognition to say, ‘Thanks.’ ”

The health system handed out more than $182,000 combined to the employees.

North Shore−LIJ is the largest employer on Long Island and among the largest in the city. It has 25 employees who have served in the military within the last five years, including 10 who are still in service.

LIJ employees who served in military get holiday surprise


Anonymous said...

Hospital makes good. Thank you LIJ. Thank you vets.

Anonymous said...

Great story. Thank you to all those who hire our veterans.
There are so many young people out there that consider service to their country as important.
Consider this a civics lesson. Too bad it is no longer taught in our schools.
Thank you veterans for your service.

Anonymous said...

Tax write off.
LIJ university spends 1000X more money bringing & housing 3rd worlders here to work minimum wage.
When my mom thaught she was having a heart attack (mitral valve) 3 mouseketeers interns roll in an ECG machine and start arguing with each other (in some hindoo jive) how to connect it.
They were turning dials messing with pads, paste and suction cups for over 25 minutes
It took another 20 minutes to get a real tech. By this time I had gone I went ballistic and almost ended getting arrested.
Lucky I know the local cops and have a cousin on the job
Cheap bastards dont want to pay for skilled staff.

Meanwile they have the $$ to build a $500million dollar Synagogue for Great Neck the size of a Las Vegas casino off the LIE.
They then tap into the water treatment plant on Manhassets taxpayers dime .