Saturday, December 27, 2008

Brothers play hot potato with council seat

State Assemblymember Mark Weprin has confirmed that "if the seat opens up - and it looks like it will," he will run for the City Council 23rd District seat currently held by his brother David in November.

"David has said he is running for [city] Comptroller and Bill Thompson [the current city Comptroller] said he is running for Mayor - I take them at their word," he told The Queens Courier on Tuesday, December 23.

Mark Weprin to run for Council


Anonymous said...

I guess the Weprin Boys will pass it back and forth until their children are old enough to take over the family business. And the people will still vote for them, no matter what. Name recognition (Weprin, Kennedy, Stavisky) seems to count for more than ability.

georgetheatheist said...
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georgetheatheist said...

Mark Weprin: a true model of tonsorial and sartorial excellence. A well-made bed.

1. He combs his hair.
2. Jeans go nice for all social occasions.
3. Shirt was purchased at a concentration camp rummage sale.

Anonymous said...

'Xactly what we all need. Another political dynasty.

Bloodlines will determine our future. Yeah!

Will there be titles and castles? Can these people kill with impunity?

Will there be Droit de signor? And iūs prīmae noctis? Will the Signor always be on top?

Anonymous said...

WOW! Didn't I just pull the lever in the voting booth for Mark Weprin a few weeks ago? He has seniority now in the Assembly, he was recently appointed to the powerful Ways & Means committee, and was as a result poised to continue to represent this district in Albany in a strong and influential position. But now he wants to play switcheroo to be closer to home? To make more money? To ride the family name into the city council a la Caroline Kennedy going into the "family business"? And if the council bid doesn't work out, he can just slide right back into his Assembly seat? Makes his commitment to his constituents seem pretty insincere, doesn't it? In fact, I find it highly offensive and incredibly self-serving. He will not have my vote for any position he runs for, nor will his brother David.

Anonymous said...

Understandably, Mark wants to keep his brother's seat in the family because as he said, "Commuting to Manhattan is easier than commuting to Albany". But voters of the district need to ask themselves, should we really be selecting our councilman based on Family Convenience OR What is best for the Community.
Bob Friedrich is probably the only candidate that will remain in the race,now that Mark has "suddenly" decided to run. As President of Glen Oaks Village, with our 10,000 residents and a microcosm of the district, I have an accomplished record of Strong Civic Leadership in our community with a strong base of support, all achieved as a Volunteer Civic Leader while working full-time. I offer voters a true alternative to the Inherited city council seats. And since Mark will not be giving up his Assembly seat to run for the city council, I say to those that like Mark, by electing Bob Friedrich to the City Council, we keep Mark Weprin in the State Assembly. You get the best of both worlds - A Solid Team of Talent and Experience. Bob with his 2 decades of Strong Civic Leadership in NYC as Councilman, and Mark with his 15 years of seniority in Albany as Assemblyman. That is a Team that Serves Our Community Best! If you want to see some of my accomplishments as a Volunteer Civic Leader go to Thank you and I have enjoyed this website for a long time.

Queens Crapper said...

Just for the record, I sent Bob Friedrich an e-mail I received from someone in his area and received a follow up e-mail that he took care of the matter personally.

Anonymous said...

this makes complete sense to me..afterall he did recently have a baby and i think it shows good character on his part to want to be closer to the family!