Sunday, December 28, 2008

Steinway goes solar

Steinway & Sons prides itself on sticking with old-fashioned manufacturing methods in building pianos. But installing energy-saving technology at its factory in Queens, just across Bowery Bay from La Guardia Airport? That is another story.

The wide, flat roof of one building in Steinway’s 11-acre complex in Long Island City has become a field of parabolic-mirrored solar panels.

They are the most visible sign of an $870,000 system that will soon provide cool air to dehumidify the hammers and other small moving parts that can be affected by changes in the moisture in the air.

Coming Soon at Steinway, Solar Power


Anonymous said...

Like to see a report on these in about a year. Articles like this give the impression that solar energy is a viable option.
Rarely do you see an artical about a system like this that has been in place for say 5 years and get an honest appraisal of results.
Solar energy is barely useful in the southwest, and there only as a passive suppliment to normal heating systems. Things like this in the northeast are just a waste of time and money. Sadly most of it is the taxpayers money funding a "green" energy source which is left to succeed on its own merit would never even get built.

Anonymous said...

Check out the tons of money given to C.H.O.K.E. that is ... run by a former school maintenance employee.

(I believe)