Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ice ain't nice

Queens Blvd pedestrian bridge over the Sunnyside Yards, approx 3:45 pm yesterday.
Top: to Sunnyside

Bottom: to LIC
Q1: Who's responsible for this?

Q2: How much will we pay in slip-n-fall injury lawsuits?

Submitted by Who Walk In Brooklyn, who was apparently walking in Queens.

Answer is the MTA/LIRR and Amtrak are responsible for cleaning bridge overpasses. The ones in Maspeth, Middle Village & Ridgewood were also sheets of ice yesterday, too. I guess they're waiting to hike the fares before they invest in rock salt or shovels.


Anonymous said...

Call it a skating rink and consider it a park.

Anonymous said...

I dont suppose the city takes care of the other icey walks all over the Queens neighborhoods.Guess not because its still ice all over until it melts tomorrow to becaome a rainy mess, then it freezes the rain and thats when the real mess begins .
Im dreaming of a rain Christmas.

Anonymous said...

parks dept is guilty of this too. i've seen three playgrounds just as bad. how f'ing lazy can they be?

Anonymous said...

Public walkways in Hamilton Beach aren't shoveled.. I should say weren't because it snowed almost a week ago and now that it's 4" of ice, it's going to be a bit more work...

The bus stops for the Q11 - ice. The boardwalk between the A train and Hamilton Beach - ice. Must be the economy *snicker* because I don't recall it being this bad in the past few years I've been there.

Anonymous said...

It's the same situation on the 80th Street bridge adjacent to the Atlas Mall. My husband and I tried to walk there Sunday night, but met a woman who just been through a treacherous ordeal trying to negotiate it. She advised not attempting to walk over it - a sheet of ice - so we turned around and went home. In this case, the mall should be responsible. How do they expect customers to walk there when one of its very few access roads is hazardous?

Anonymous said...

The whole neighborhood is a mess. NO ONE shovels a crosswalk.

So many avoid shoveling in front of their buildings. I know we have a lot of neglectful absentee landlords, but come ON.

Then you have all the empty stores. I hate to imagine what Steinway Street was like last weekend but there's so little left there I guess it doesn't matter if you can't walk there. It's too bad for the people who work in those stores though.

The city could make a fortune issuing tickets to property owners who do not shovel snow. This is a law that used to be enforced (when my grandparents were young, that is).

Anonymous said...

So many avoid shoveling in front of their buildings. I know we have a lot of neglectful absentee landlords, but come ON.

That is what happens when a boro like Queens is branded as a third world slum.

The newspapers never mention the dark underside: you get third world services.

Just go to Manhattan and see what I mean.