Thursday, December 18, 2008

R5B in Ridgewood. Or is it?

Crappy: "Can you build a 15-unit apt building under R5B? And to the back of the lot line?"

Urban Planner: "Definitely not to the back of the lot line - 20' rear yard for corner, 30' rear yard for interior lot. Building height is 33' maximum in R5B, so you can get them on that alone (they wrote 35')."

Why does Crappy have to get them? Shouldn't DOB have picked up on this? Why does it say 19 units in one part of the application and 15 in the other?


Anonymous said...

Surely you don't expect the DOB to actually do their job, do you?

Anonymous said...

Where are the parking spaces??

66% of dwelling units require parking spaces!

But we see these miscounts of dwelling units on applications all the time....what's the difference?

Is it also listed as a 1,2 or 3 family home? (as opposed to "Other")

Anonymous said...

Parking Spaces, indeed, but will the Sewers, Electric System, Roads,Schools, Police, Fire, Hospitals, be able to handle such a building. The time is now to start improving infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

This definitely seems like overdevelopment at its best.