Monday, December 1, 2008

Gennaro to introduce "Doorbuster" bill

A council member called for new legislation Sunday to protect store workers and shoppers, following the death of a Walmart employee on Black Friday.

Queens Councilman James Gennaro introduced a "Doorbuster Bill," which would require malls and large retailers to take appropriate security measures during so-called "doorbuster sales."

Measures include employing security personnel trained in crowd control and holding the retailers accountable for any injuries.

The legislation was made in response to the death of Jimmy Damour, 34, of Queens, who died when roughly 2,000 bargain shoppers stampeded over him at the Valley Stream Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

Queens Lawmaker Proposes Shopper Crowd Control Bill


Anonymous said...

Political opportunist. Let the body get cold before proposing legislation.

Anonymous said...

Same as anon above. He is a slick POS w/ a cute website and Facebook page. I am not opposed to his bill, but where was it 3 days ago?

OK, Black Friday needs regulation, but how does one propose legislation ONE DAY LATER? Is it someone lookin for a line on their political resume?

As a legislator - EXAMINE the problem. Talk to the parties involved. Draft legislation based on consideration of all parties involved.

DONT make kneejerk laws to play on headlines.

This is exploitation to the umpteenth degree.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Valley Stream in Nassau County?

Anonymous said...

Somebody shoot this guy.

Anonymous said...

If anything, indict the entire crowd for rushing into the store!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Gennaro is learning from Schumer and Gioia: hold a press conference on Sunday (a slow news day) and be guaranteed to get coverage on the Sunday evening local news shows and in the Monday papers.

Anonymous said...

Gennaro and the rest of the council pre-empted the problem by keeping wal-mart and other big-box stores out of the city.

Other than that, it's all BS.

Mall operators are already liable for security outside the stores and operators have liability inside.

Gonna make stores liable for crowd control on city sidewalks? Wanna bet the PBA will go ballistic at the prospect of non-union uniforms taking away cushy overtime?

Anonymous said...

What cushy overtime are you talking about?