Thursday, June 10, 2021

Sewer celebration 


Southeast Queens leaders are hailing the completion of a $20.5 million sewers and water main project that upgraded infrastructure in Hollis and Queens Village.

The city announced the construction that started in March 2019 has been finished five months ahead of schedule.

“As a homeowner in southeast Queens, I understand the anguish of local residents who experience constant flooding of their basements,” Councilman I. Daneek Miller said. “Back in 2016, I worked with now-Queens Borough President Donovan Richards to secure $1.9 billion if funding for flood remediation infrastructure, which includes an unprecedented online portal that provides oversight of the initiative. Thanks in part to our advocacy and the cooperation of local residents, I am pleased that this project has been completed under budget and ahead of schedule.

“We look forward to the continued work to end the tremendous suffering many homeowners have had to endure over the last several decades,” Miller said.

Work occurred on 20 individual blocks to replace more than one mile of water mains, some of which were installed before World War II.

“These improvements are a significant investment in the future of Hollis and Queens Village, and their early completion greatly benefits the hard-working families of these vibrant neighborhoods,” Richards said. “This work underscores the city’s strong commitment to alleviate chronic flooding and addressing the other chronic infrastructure problems in southeast Queens.”


Anonymous said...

Still a shitty quality of life in those neighborhoods!

georgetheatheist said...

I.Daneek Miller for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunely, the REAL 'Raw Sewage' cleanup remains ABOVE ground: Southeastern QUEENS County is a disgracefully 'blighted-and-polluted' wasteland, replete with the putrid stench of ever climbing, exponentially dreadful, grinding beggary, obscurity, quiet desperation and PUBLIC SQUALOR (for its [mostly] Third World population, not to mention their illegally converted, overcrowded and badly maintained homes of ZERO 'Curb Appeal!'), versus PRIVATE SPLENDOR for the 'ALL PAY and NO WORK' politicians who destroyed ALL pretense of quality of life for ALL living things!

The current, squalid conditons are easily a thousand times worse than anything that I could compare with living standards of the 1970s, and all of it keeps getting worse by the hour. Public corruption must be legislated to rise to a capital offense level of adjudication, and ALL politicians must now be continuously and continually monitored by public watchdog agencies formed by We, the People. They must be controlled by strictly enforced 'contract' work regulations, and if they fail to represent their constituencies, it's a 'Three Strikes, You're Out' rule that is final and binding. It's the ONLY way to demand ACCOUNTABILITY for a decades long broken system that continually rewards failure at obscene, taxpayer expense.

Anonymous said...

Richard Iritano for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

A REAL 'Raw Sewage' cleanup would have to include the once much-talked about Durham report !

Anonymous said...

The "REAL Raw Sewage" is working in Albany, in City Hall, and running ads pretending to know what is best for the city, while ignoring the crime committed by mentally ill people and convicted violent people out on bail reform.