Thursday, June 10, 2021

Stop, Warn and Leave. 


Joined by NYPD officers from the 103rd Precinct, elected officials and members of the Jamaica business community, Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz announced the creation of the “Jamaica Merchants Trespass Notice” — a new initiative that would issue a trespass notice to individuals who engage in disorderly or illegal activities in or outside shops and stores in Jamaica.

The program was created in partnership with the DA’s office, the NYPD and the business community because local businesses regularly grapple with individuals who use their stores and restaurants for illegal drug activities and other troublesome conduct, putting business owners, employees and customers in harm’s way, Katz explained.

Katz said that the program’s primary goal was to deter further disruptive behavior and that it provided an alternative to putting more people through the criminal system.

Instead, when encountering individuals engaging in illegal or rowdy acts on their property, merchants can notify the 103rd Precinct. Its responding officers will serve the offenders with a copy of the trespass notice, informing them that a repeat offense can or will result in their arrest.

“What this really does, it’s a clear communication between the store and the person who is disrupting that store’s business,” Katz said. “And just so everybody is very clear about this, this distinguishes between unwanted and disruptive behavior and criminal acts such as stealing or assault. First, there is a warning. The warning is clear — coming back is not an option.”

The program also includes training police officers on what to do when faced with disruptive behavior in a store or restaurant, teaching officers to issue a trespass warning first, putting the violator on notice.




Anonymous said...

I never really understood the logic behind coddling criminal behavior. Or even unruly behavior. Might as well have Caban as DA at this point.

Anonymous said...

Another WHAT THE FUCK in the What the fuck community. When you let communities fall apart, do not enforce rules (even in public housing), when corrupt agencies do nothing about illegal dwellings, when breaking laws is the norm, then you have a shit community, This is the opposite of the Broken Windows Theory, which way too many elected officials have dismissed, but actually is a very good theory in practice as well as theory. Jamaica is a perfect example of ignoring the broken windows theory. How many decades has Jamaica and all its crap has been talked about, while nothing changes.

georgetheatheist said...

I wonder how Joe Moretti is doing?

JQ LLC said...


I thought about that immediately, but Anon 2 channels his spirit pretty good.

Anonymous said...

I would much rather prefer a 'STOP, WARN and LEAVE' salvo for ALL unwelcome, serial politicians, whose intensely failed leadership throughout QUEENS County (and the rest of the boroughs) predictibly buttressed and underscored the magnification of a litany of social, and quality of life issues, ALL of which DIDN'T PREVIOUSLY EXIST!

Public corruption is at an all time high, and the price for this politically failed leadership, and their recalcitrant dereliction of public duty continues to force out generations of stable, reliable, well paid residents, and replace them with low level, uneducated, unstable transients whose squalid quality of life destroys every human standard of better living, straight across the board. And, the public be damned!

Anonymous said...

Yea that will work out well. How many homicides of store owners will this produce?

georgetheatheist said...

A Trespass Notice? Offender has to produce ID to receive one? Will offenders be photographed? They have to sign this?

"Instead, when encountering individuals engaging in illegal or rowdy acts on their property..." If the act is illegal, why no arrest? If the act is "rowdy", please define the term.

I mean how does this all really work?

Anonymous said...

20 years ago. this would have seemed to be a reasonable response. Today, it is abundantly clear that the City Gov
SEEKS to assist the trespasser in the Complainant, placing the City in the position of compplicity in the "assault to be".
LET THESE PEOPLE ALONE, and rejoice in the arrival of the destiny they TRULY desire.

Anonymous said...

This blows my mind, I've said it so many times I have nothing left.

Anonymous said...

Like a JD card... LOL