Wednesday, June 23, 2021

First bike boulevard forced onto community will be considered today.

 Queens Post

The open street is currently closed to through traffic from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on most days. Local traffic, however, is permitted access for parking, deliveries and drop-offs at all hours.

The DOT plans to reduce vehicular traffic on 39th Avenue to prioritize it for cyclist usage by reducing speed limits, diverting cars to other streets and making some cross streets one-way as part of the bike boulevard proposal.

The agency also hopes to connect the bike boulevard to existing bike lanes and signed routes. For instance, workers plan to install shared bike lanes on Barnett Avenue and 43rd Street to connect to the Skillman Avenue bike lane.

The DOT aims to transform the five selected streets into bike boulevards by either November or December this year, Mayor Bill de Blasio previously announced in May.

The agency will first present proposals for each bike boulevard to local lawmakers and community boards like Queens Community Board 2 in the coming weeks.

The Queens CB2 meeting Wednesday starts at 6:30 p.m. on Zoom. It is unclear what time during the meeting the DOT will make its presentation.

Lisa Deller, chairperson of the community board, said the board has yet to weigh in on the plan.



Anonymous said...

Local traffic, however, is permitted access for parking, deliveries and drop-offs at all hours.

How does this work? They pay some schnook to move traffic cones all day?

Get A Spine said...

One lives in this area and they now can't drive or park their cars?

Drivers rise up! Are you men or mice?

Anonymous said...

Great news. Cleaner air, less noise. Safer streets.

Get A Spine said...

What "safer streets",Snowflake? My mothertaught me in those days of yesteryear, "Look both ways when crossing the street". Simple as pie, Weenie.

Anonymous said...

Take your incomes and move out of NYC, you can always visit these places from outside the city.

Anonymous said...

Still another person hit by a two ton car driven by reckless ass !
It was not clear on Wednesday night whether the CAR driver would face charges in connection with the incident.

Anonymous said...

Looks like weenie snowflake car owners will need to get off their fat asses and walk.

Anonymous said...

Tough Guy "Snowflake car owners" and SUV Moms killing people with machines.

Irish Red said...

Bikers are dangerous to themselves and to others because they often don't follow traffic regulations, such as stop signs.

If bikes, e-bikes, mopeds, e-scooters, etc. are going to share the road, the drivers need to be licensed just like car drivers, their vehicles need to be registered, and they need to carry insurance.


First, because bikers cause accidents when they swerve into traffic, ignore stop signs and red lights, cut across traffic lanes.

But more important, because it will save lives. An 80-pound bike running a stop sign is no match for a 4000 pound car crossing that intersection legally.

Anonymous said...

"Bikers are dangerous to themselves" All of them ?

Anonymous said...

Cars are so last century.

Anonymous said...

Bike Lover said...
"Bikers are dangerous to themselves and to others" Really ?
More than 38,000 people die every year in crashes on U.S. roadways !
Risk of death during lifetime
Motor vehicle accident 1 in 74
Pedestrian accident 1 in 526
Motorcycle accident 1 in 1,020
Bicycle accident 1 in 6,919******

Anonymous said...

Shared bike lanes are extremely dangerous
More accidents happen in them where the bike rider is seriously injured.