Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Cuomo's hospital lobby donors are trying to kill federal lawsuit against nursing home



 NY Post

 New York’s powerful hospital groups have taken steps to get a federal COVID-19 lawsuit against a Long Island nursing home tossed — calling it a potentially precedent-setting case that could have damaging, “far-ranging consequences” for the industry.

The Greater New York Hospital Association and NYS Health Care Association filed papers in Brooklyn federal court on Friday challenging the suit brought by Vivian Zayas, whose mom died of coronavirus last year following her stay at Our Lady of Consolation.

Zayas, who sued last August, is seeking to hold the West Islip nursing home liable in her mom’s death, saying it failed to take adequate preventative measures to keep the killer bug from spreading.

“They know my case could open the door for victims seeking accountability. We need to protect the residents, not the bottom line of these facilities,” Zayas said.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who unironically still believes the mainstream media is a sheeple.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo....typical mafioso bully type.....big mouth.....control freak....bribe taker.....etc.
Clean up Albany corruption?😂😂
He appointed a commission to look into corruption and as soon as it came close to one of his friends....,he shut it down!!!

Anonymous said...

"He appointed a commission to look into corruption and as soon as it came close to one of his friends....,he shut it down!!!"
That was the Moreland Commission. He shut it down when it began investigating his office.

Anonymous said...

That's why every bilked-and-duped taxpayer in New York State has been played over and over, like a stylus wearing out a single LP groove! Sonny CUOMIGULA is an openly practicing criminal who continually gets protection from ALL cowardly, derelict, willflly blind prosecutors, as wel as a feeble court system of equally corrupt henchmen. He will never see a single night in jail, despite his recent slaughter of 50,000 elderly nursing home victims, and despite his close ties to a crime wave of personal friends and associates whose lawlessness should have remanded them all to long jail sentences, decades ago.

How ironic that they used to call the late Mafia kingpin, John Gotti, 'The Teflon Don.' Well, THIS empowered idiot makes Gotti look like a scorched pan: He has continually lied, cheated and stolen——easier than he BREATHES!

Anonymous said...

To Second Anonymous: The 'OTHER' bribe taker is the 'Tall 'N Stupid Dope from Park Slope': Everyone ELSE, ironically, is in jail for offering bribes that de BLASS-hole himself demanded, yet HE'S the ONLY free walking criminal who law enforcement capriciously and arbitrarily passed over. And, now this exalted shithead just eliminated an entire lane of traffic from the Brooklyn Bridge——in BOTH driections!——thereby causing future ROAD RAGE, anarchy and pandemonium (how will emergency ambulances be able to get through with ease and efficiency when there is one less lane to make headway???). Then, when this three-time, pension collecting anarchist finally retires from uncivic life as a public nuisance, the REAL work to remove millions of dollars of bike lanes, and restore Times Square will fall on the next puppet-stooge, who will essentially do nothing, sit back and collect their government paychecks, with contempt and impunity for We, the People.

SEE, possums? Voting only reinforces everything that has continually hastened your demise. STOP VOTING and STOP BIRTHING your MONSTERS!