Thursday, June 3, 2021

Van Bramer flack behind group backing his replacement for City Council while his volunteers are engaging in cheap campaign chicanery 














LIC Post

A group of western Queens community leaders has come together to help Amit Bagga break away from a crowded field to win the 26th District council seat.

The group, dubbed 26 for 26, is co-chaired by Matthew Wallace, the chief of staff for the term-limited council member Jimmy Van Bramer, and Clara Oza, a public school parent coordinator from Sunnyside.

They hope to get Bagga elected in District 26, which encompasses Sunnyside, Woodside, Long Island City and parts of Astoria.

“I’ve seen firsthand just how much our kids and families have suffered through the pandemic, and we need a leader who [will] not just fight to bring us back, but deliver real results,” said Oza, a Community Board 2 member. “Amit is the only candidate with a proven track record of having done so.”

Wallace, who endorsed Bagga last month, says Bagga is someone who will not only be a part of the progressive wing of city council, but has the policy chops to lead it.

“No one else has proposed anything even close in terms of having the legislative prowess that Amit has shown. That really means something,” Wallace said.

The group also includes Deborah Tharrington, who is the director of constituent services for Van Bramer, plus Community Board 2 members Osman Chowdhury and Anatole Ashraf.

The other members include Dan Hochman, Laura Dadap, Zach Job, Dominic Stiller, Jean Cawley, Marco Barrios, Joe Oza, Jake Cohen, Judith Sloan, Brian Romero, Louis Wellington, Amanda and Max Lefer, Annie Seifullah, Sam Goldsmith, Hugh Baran, Ayaz Ahmed, Samina Wasti, Neha Gautam, Erin Koster, Rob Bass, Patti Pion, Natalie Fuertes and Adeline Medeiros.

Nick Berkowitz, a spokesperson for the Bagga campaign, says the group comes from a diverse array of occupations, ages and backgrounds, which is representative of the district’s makeup.

“These are just folks who understand what the stakes are of this election and are willing to do what it takes to get him elected,” Berkowitz said.

Breaking News: This particular race has just got a little bit more cutthroat. Pity the poor fauxgressive. 

Queens Post

A campaign poster battle has erupted in the crowded District 26 City Council race just weeks before Election Day.

The saga began after a volunteer for Amit Bagga allegedly put up a campaign poster on top of rival candidate Julie Won’s poster. This allegedly has happened on two separate occasions, according to photos uploaded to Twitter.

A former part-time staffer and current volunteer with Won’s campaign tweeted the image of a Bagga poster on Wednesday with the corner peeled up to reveal a Won poster beneath it. The posters were hung up on a storefront at the corner of 48th Avenue and 47th Street in Sunnyside.

The same campaign volunteer tweeted a photo on May 16 of a Bagga poster also covering Won’s.

Won retweeted the photo taken yesterday and questioned if Bagga was trying to erase her candidacy.

“This has been flagged 3x where we’ve seen @amitsinghbagga’s team poster over ours,” she said. “shows character of candidate when you campaign this way. Does your team feel insecure about your candidacy? Are you trying to erase my candidacy as an AAPI immigrant and woman?”

Instead of apologizing on twitter, maybe Bagga should dissociate himself from Jimmy's flack.



Anonymous said...

Wasn't Amit Bagga Anthony Weiner's bag holder during the "WeenieGate" Scandal?

Anonymous said...

More Political actors exploiting the issue of race to dupe the sheeple.

Anonymous said...

It's up to the Sheeple to STOP the harassment by “woke” progressives!

Anonymous said...

When I wake up in the morning
I Use the bathroom
Make coffee
Sit down and read Queens Crap
Thank You JQ !

Anonymous said...

Queens Crap is even more enjoyable once you have moved out of Queens!

Anonymous said...

"Queens Crap is even more enjoyable once you have moved out of Queens!"
I agree 100%, making plans now to leave this Lib Shithole.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing as closed-minded as an 'open-minded' Leftist...

Anonymous said...

A glass of water with a D behind it would get elected in Jimmy's district.

BlackSheepOfTheFamily said...

Leave race out of it!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Van butt boy....supported overdevelopment at Court Square Queens....took money from the criminal Wolkoff family .