Monday, June 7, 2021

Community board approves luxury public housing building on Roosevelt Ave. 

Queens Post

A developer’s application to rezone a large piece of property in Woodside was approved by Community Board 2 last night.

The application calls for the development of a 13 story, 213 unit complex on Roosevelt Avenue­—between 62nd and 63rd Streets. About 10 stores along the strip will have to bulldozed to make way for the project.

There was little discussion by the board about the size of the proposed project, despite it being significantly larger than what is permitted in accordance with current zoning code.

“This is a huge development,” said Christine Hunter, co-chair of the board’s Land Use Committee. “I really regret that we did not have more conversation or push them harder on some of the physical aspects of the bulk increase and height increase. This is not a modest increase.”

The application calls for a building that would be 211,500 square feet and consist of 213 units—154 market rate apartments and 54 affordable units.

The project would also come with 7,500 square feet of space dedicated to the arts, of which 2,000 square feet would be set aside for the Woodside arts group Mare Nostrum Elements. There would also be local retail space on the ground floor and cellar, as well as office space on the second floor.

Without a rezoning, the building would be limited in size to 119,500 square feet—and only 123 units could be built. There would also be no performance space required. The building, however, could be up to 9 stories and include commercial space.


georgetheatheist said...

"Luxury". What? There?

Anonymous said...

Luxury public housing on Roosevelt Avenue alongside the 7 train.
"Wait a minute, I can't hear you when the train is screeching by my luxury apartment."

Anonymous said...

Not surprised. Whose district is this in? Council member Dromm or Van bramer? Under their watch, their respective areas have been building up and out with little green space. It's over congested already. How much more people can they squeeze into this area? Some kind of progressive.

ron s said...

“I really regret that we did not have more conversation..."
...and then you voted on a building way too big which doesn't help the area in any way. That was constructive.

Queens Millennial said...

Does this building have a pool table and free WiFi?

The neighborhood looks vibrant and diverse!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of that scene from the Blues Brothers.

Jake: How often does the train go by?
Elwood: So often you won't even notice it.

Anonymous said...

Just don't live on the first 3 floors or else some track debris might fly into your window!

Anonymous said...

This must be what they mean by progressive

Anonymous said...

I’m sure a few CB members got paid off.

Anonymous said...

Theres no doubt several reasons as to why this up-zoning is occurring. 1. The renown community unfriendly Mayor, his Dept of City Planning and allied builders all drive for increased density that occurs with zoning changes. Their mission has been to destroy residential Queens communities- under the guise of fair and affordable housing for the "poor". 2. The absence by protest and advocacy of a robust and vigilant community and their civic groups that have the most to win or loose. Yet it is known that renters overall rarely see themselves as having an investment in their community. After all they are renters who come and go with out sinking significant personal finances into where they live. 3. A pro development Boro President that will easily sign -off on this and, 4. A known corrupt and spineless progressive Council Member easily swayed that has the final say in a Zoning Change.

Anonymous said...

When the city sees not enough people are willing to pay to live in this "Luxury Public Housing" they will most likely turn this place into:

A Homeless Luxury Shelter for Men who are Convicted Felons, Out on Bail Reform, and those who are Drug Addicts and Sex Predators.

Just what this area needs more of.