Sunday, June 20, 2021

NYC's feckless officials finally help NYC's homeless services...workers



With homelessness one of the most pressing issues in the 2021 mayoral race, it’s more important than ever that those on the street have somewhere safe to sleep. Oftentimes, that means a non-profit shelter. Yet many of the private security officers who work at these shelters are paid so little they can barely afford health insurance  – and are even in danger of homelessness themselves.

Now the New York City Council and Mayor Bill DeBlasio are moving to change this, committing 40.5 million dollars to ensure that these essential workers are paid fair, livable wages.

“For over 4,000 working families – their lives are going to change, this year,” said Mayor DeBlasio at a press conference this afternoon. A group of working people, each wearing union shirts, stood behind him. “You can’t ask someone to help solve one of the most challenging problems in society, but not give them enough to put food on their tables, or pay their rent, or take care of their families.” 

His description was borne out by a number of speakers. Homeless shelters can be rife with violence; yet many security officers are paid minimum wage, barely enough to sustain an individual, let alone a family.  “We cannot afford to live in the city we work,” said Shaquille Sheppard, a private shelter security officer who himself grew up in-and-out of shelters. “Private security jobs are poverty jobs.” Kyle Bragg, president of Local 32BJ, a chapter of the Service Employees International Union, substantiated this, saying that, “while helping the City’s most vulnerable, many of these workers struggle to afford things themselves,” and, “may even find themselves homeless.” 

Impunity City 


Mayor de Blasio, who promised to end the tale of two cities, and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and his Democrat majority City Council Cronies waited 8 years to finally do something about the homeless crisis by finally allocate funding for a long overdue wage hike for security guards. Sure there’s nothing wrong with wanting to give the people more money especially when tasked to supervise the city’s notoriously violent and decrepit homeless shelters. But there are a bunch of conflicting problems with this.

First, why haven’t the non-profit providers of these city shelters who are already receiving city funding already gave these security guards the living wages they needed?



Anonymous said...

“We cannot afford to live in the city we work,” said Shaquille Sheppard, a private shelter security officer.
Either can our middle class Police and Firefighters and many of the skilled Trades too !

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is hahahahaha! NYC is now a shit hole.
The left has no one else to blame for their failures.

Anonymous said...

Its the government paying us what they think we're worth.
Can't live where you work, relocate, commute or get a better job.

Anonymous said...

Part ONE:

To last Anonymous who said:

❝It's the government paying us what they think we're worth. Can't live where you work?—— relocate, commute or get a better job.❞

Ironicallly, politicians are the ONLY 'do nothing, know nothing, 'ALL PAY and NO WORK' 'Monetary Locusts,' robber barons & shameless social climbing hustlers who can afford to brazenly live (ALL on 'OTHER' people's money!) in the DemonRat-ravaged cities in which they have always been an integral part of destroying, with impunity (they also appoint themselves raises in pay that no one in this purportedly free world has the luxury of SO ORDERING).

Now, these voracious, predatory and rapacious, government-hacking thieves are offering up their 'way too little and far too late' services to fix every formely damned good thing that they intentionally broke, as We, the People continually pay the ULTIMATE, soul-crushing price for their never-ending loop of eternal arrogance, not to mention UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS of 'NAKED GREED,' cognitive dissonance AND Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), three forms of mental illness for which there IS no cure——and the ever languishing public be eternally duped, bilked, scammed and damned!


❝Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think that we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends, and I think that I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.❞ ——John Lennon

❝Yes, friends, governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class.❞ ——James Connolly: War Upon the German Nation (1914)

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous who said that 'New York City is now a shithole.' And, not too long ago, if memory serves, who was it who forewarned everyone about every DemonRat-run city that rapidly devolved into a shithole in the FIRST PLACE? Anyone? President DONALD J. TRUMP! Enjoy the illusion of power while it lasts, city residents: 2021 will be THE most entrenched, politically failed year that will finally blow this ancient, Roman graveyard of a town to smithereens. Hopefully, the graft (and, 'Bonfire of the Vanities' style of City Hall collapse that laughably passes for leadership at the top of the heap) will burn——to incendiary effect! I've had my homemade 'JUMBO' marshmellows ready since 2008!

Anonymous said...

They also need more psychiatric facilities to put the mentally challenged homeless in. They need to send the majority away and get them more like "rehabilitated therapy" type places so these people can actually become productive members of society again. We have failed the homeless in this city for a long time. Also, giving the ones (that don't belong here) bus tickets back to their own states would also help us out.

Anonymous said...


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