Saturday, November 3, 2018

Woodside train overpass is crumbling

From CBS 2:

A Queens train overpass is crumbling to pieces and nearby workers and residents worry if something isn’t done to fix it it could cost someone their life.

Take a walk underneath an Amtrak span in Woodside and you might be stunned at what you’ll see. Crumbling concrete. Exposed steel. Holes the size of a child in the pillars that hold it all up.

And that’s not even the worst of it.

“Chunks of cement coming down, raining down off of this bridge. It’s very dangerous,” said Woodside resident John Moutopoulos.

“A lot of people are at risk, vehicles, children, adults,” resident Sehar Kaddough added.

“It’s scary that you never know what’s going to hit you in the head,” resident Eli Monahemi said.

Monahemi said the overpass at Northern Boulevard and Broadway could have killed him.


Anonymous said...

Everything in NYC is crumbling. Nobody ever upkeeps anything here just look at our schools and court buildings and roads. The only thing that is up keeping is the politicians salaries and the salary of the people who run these things. Is this supposed to be a new story?

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you have a one party democrat/ socialist government. Important things that need to be addressed like infrastructure and quality of life are ignored since it does nothing to advance their agenda.

Joe Moretti said...

Just yesterday a subway wall collapsed onto the tracks at the 179th Street F station in Jamaica. Are we surprised nothing is being done, are we surprised there is not kind of regular maintenance done. Yet time and money are wasted on a million useless pet projects all the time. The Fall of Rome.

JQ LLC said...

Remember the Morandi Bridge in Italy.

The former elevated tracks on Rockaway line is also crumbling and has visible degradation as well if you go by Atlantic Ave and south to Ozone Park. Obviously, the only thing that's kept it up is that is has been inactive for a half century. Amtrak better get off their lazy asses and get this done.

kapimap said...

This is not the only location. All the avenues crossing under the Amtrak is crumbling as well. 32,31,30th avenues are all crumbling. An industrial are with homes a block away. This has been going on a long time.

Anonymous said...

Amtrak wont do shit, they are near bankrupt.
Im sure the will inspect it right away so they can claim its "OK"
The feds need to step in, more water will seep in, freeze and do more damage during winter after inspections.
---Very dangerous and mass negligence with the lives of 1000s of riders on Amtrak's part. Not including the people below

Gary W said...

AMTRAK? That's a Fed problem. Schumer press conference this Sunday.

Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

Now do not get cross people.

If you an tear a Vallonian from taking their 453,235th picture of the Hell Gate Bridge (cause we all know that Astoria Park is the nearest place to heaven) the biggest need of the transit system is to repaint the Hell Gate Bridge from that ugly color that Vallone, Moynahan and Onorato agreed to and paint a silly mural on every pier in the neighborhood. Oh yes, keep the land under the bridge that people are using down to a reasonable $40 a year.

So who cares if it rains down stuff.

Its Vallonia!!!

Anonymous said...

Cement is a component of concrete...