Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Amazon will be too much

From NBC:

Amazon could be coming to Long Island City, bringing 25,000 jobs to that part of Queens. But could mass transit handle the influx? Local city officials say the infrastructure needs to be repaired before Amazon potentially moves in. Andrew Siff reports.


Anonymous said...

Mass transit had to be fixed many years ago, not just now. There is simply too many people living in this city. If you deported people like we should, then mass transit might not be too bad. Most delays actually happen because people hold doors opened and the trains are way too full. Signals problems are only half of the problem. I remember back in the late 80s, early 90s being the only person on certain platforms waiting for train and in these days, it's a rarity.

Captain Al said...

In 2003 when then Mayor Michael Bloomberg closed Engine 261 it was shortsighted. Not reopening it today borders on criminal! It's not just Amazon. The population of LIC is virtually exploding.

Anonymous said...

The elected officials - your elected officials - are responsible for this but hell, they are all a bunch of 'good guys' especially your 'good guy' so blame someone else.

JQ LLC said...

Beware the ides of Amazon.

Two hilarious and expected things have occurred since this announcement

Weak ass Mayor de Faustio spinelessly accepting their arrival in TV interview.

And that idiot Jimmy Von Bramer arranging a protest to stop Amazon's HQ2 from coming here. (actually it's HQ1.5 since Bezos is opening one in VA near DC, where he has a home, owns the Wash Post, and has a contract with the CIA where it's offices and killer training facilities aka the farm are)

JQ LLC said...

Ain't it convenient that all these city officials, including our weak ass mayor, are in Puerto Rico, while Andy Amazon was giving the green light for Bezos.

This news segment is redundant though, everyone knows the MTA is a shitty transit system. No where is there a story on what amount of subsidies this corporation are getting from the constituents now that they will bring their Dickensian style of work supervision and treatment of their employees to this borough.

Not to digress, but it is the same media that hasn't delved deeper into that weird story of those two Saudi sisters found dead duct taped to each other in a crucifix by the Hudson

JQ LLC said...

I guess Andrew Amazon didn't need to do an end run around Van Bramer like Crappy posted a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

Longstanding neglect at the MTA is not Amazon's fault, and could be the impetus needed to make the long term investment needed. We should welcome productive and innovative companies that bring labor which is a net contribution to the tax base instead of sponging off of it.

Anonymous said...

I'm so thrilled Amazon HQ2 is coming to our community! I hope the media and the local politicians won't misrepresent LIC locals as being ALL AGAINST AMAZON MOVING TO LIC. That would be a gross misrepresentation of the FACTS. Many of us ARE FOR THIS.

Anonymous said...

You have to laugh when the local talent as Van Bramer and Gianaris are on - two typical Queens hacks who only thought they had to handle the affairs of their local 'handlers' now are completely in over their heads - like fish out of water they will be trampled.

Any hope has to come from the people.

Joe Moretti said...

AND who is the asshole, Julie Samuels with her idiotic comment "there are always challenges when you bring so many people into any neighborhood, anywhere but that is the kind of challenges that New York knows how to do". What the fuck is the bitctard, talking about. NO NO NO this city has proven year after year, decades after decade that it DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO HANDLE any of this. I mean just in LIC alone, what infrastructure improves have they done 15 years ago when the neighborhood was changing, what infrastructure improvements has NY done with the subway, with the increase in populations decades ago.

First off this Julie Samuels is not an New Yorker, she is from San Francisco and we have first hand seen how that city was destroyed to smithereens from the tech industry. AND I am sure she has never in rode a subway to her bullshit job, just like many or our elected officials.

And shouldn't a company with billions of dollars invest in states.cities or other countries that need this,, like Detroit, the rust belt areas, or anywhere where area could actually benefit from this.

AND again, where are the statistics about these 25,000 jobs, what is the salary. That is the same thought that goes into how low the unemployment rate is and the number of jobs created, when a majority of those jobs are minimum wage or low paying jobs without benefits. A clear picture is not really shown, but then that is how they like it to be. The same with the homeless stats and all the other bullshit that is thrown at us, which things are not clear about how things really are.

So I guess hipster Julie's job is destroying cities as much as she can.Ironic that her BA is in journalism, but she has decided to go into the field of destroying cities, hyper gentrification, tossing out hard working lower pay people and just making cities only available to her kind, soulless money grubbing elitist.

AND as usual the this reporter did not call her on her bullshit or question her statements.

kapimap said...

Put Amazon upstate, where jobs are really thin.

Maybe those folks upstate won't have to commute to the city for work anymore.

Anonymous said...

The city is just full. We can not handle any more people. I like one of the previous comments about deporting illegals. If you want to open up more apartments and jobs we should be working to deport illegals and fill those spots with legal tax paying residents.

Unfortunately this project will get jammed through. This state and city are just too corrupt to care about the average citizen. It all about kickbacks to those on the top (both in and out of government) running the show.

To save face they will pop another bike lane or two in (that of course no one will use except when its 70 degrees and sunny), maybe add a few more buses at rush hour, and remodel a train station and call it a day. Then they will say that transit upgrades were done and that LIC is more than ready for 25,000 new people.

This will satisfy most of the brainless people in Queens to support this project, but the few left with any common sense will know that this did nothing to benefit them or their community and will watch their quality of life and commute get even worse.

Anonymous said...

"Mass transit had to be fixed …"
Yeah, and Amazon moving into LIC will only mean that the Boy mayor will have more ammunition to build that stupid trolley from Queens to Brooklyn instead of spending the couple of Billion it'll cost on the rest of mass transit.

And if Bezos moves to NYC how long will it take him to run for mayor and then president?
Another billionaire telling us how to live our lives.


Jim said...

My God, say something that makes sense. Most of the problems ARE signal issues.
The trains are almost 100% manually operated. Trains are too full but we can not put more trains in service because we have outdated signals and we do not use modern trains.

I know, I know. Illegals caused this problem too. Jesus. Use math not emotions.
There are 6 million riders on the MTA a day and that include almost 6000 buses in service.
Assuming every single undocumented person 535,000 of them took the MTA during the work week that only makes up .08% of total ridership.

Even though 535,000 is a large number, the percentage is too low to feel it because the number is spread out over the entire city, buses, trains and cars. And, not all the people use the MTA or travel at the same time.

>> Anonymous Anonymous said...
>> Mass transit had to be fixed many years ago, not just now. There is simply too many people >> living in this city. If you deported people like we should, then mass transit might not be >> too bad. Most delays actually happen because people hold doors opened and the trains are way too full. Signals problems are only half of the problem

Jeff Bezos said...

We should welcome productive and innovative companies that bring labor which is a net contribution to the tax base instead of sponging off of it.

I'm so thrilled Amazon HQ2 is coming to our community!

I'd like to personally thank these two members of the Jeff Bezos Online Troll Army!

Could you also start posting some bits about Amazon needing tax breaks from NY State and NY City? My net worth is only $96 billion, I could use a few more billions, I'm starting to slip due to the stock market downturn.


With Love,
Jeff Bezos

Anonymous said...

25,000 jobs --Both NBC and Amazon are fulla shit!

Anonymous said...

If Amazon wants to come to LIC, let them. Just make sure they contribute heavily to improving the infrastructure. They better invest in ferries. Lots of them. Taxpayers are taxed to the max and really struggle to pay their bil1s to live here. That's why New Yorkers are moving out of the state in droves. Deportation of illegals would improve space on buses and trains, but this is a Sanctuary City, so it will never happen.

Joe Moretti said...

To the ANON folks that think this is a "great idea", you do not even have the facts as in regards to this supposedly 25,000 jobs (are they low paying jobs), will any upper management be brought in from the outside. AND exactly how does this benefit the LIC locals (many who are not true locals, but transplants from elsewhere to live in high priced glass towers that have actually pushed out the REAL locals, who have been there for decades. The infrastructure there could not handle anything 8 years ago with the hyper development. Wow, if if you are SO FOR THIS, why hide under an Anon name, use your damn real name then. We have already seen what giving all kind of breaks do for companies and luxury apartment buildings for the areas they are put in, JACK SHIT. Both your "for Amazon" bullshit is laughable.

Yes, and tell me what does Amazon or Google for that matter actually make, what products.

Anonymous said...

I'm for this. Jobs! Bring them on. I am not a fan if there is any subsidies being dispursed. However, Who is against jobs? I'll take that compromise

Anonymous said...

AMZN will bring plenty of $15/hour jobs for illegals to Queens.

Amazon Viner said...

If you're an LIC resident embracing Amazon with open arms, you deserve what's coming to you, including the soaring rents, inability to buy a house and huge spikes in homelessness. This is exactly what Amazon and other Silicon Valley companies unleashed on resident Californians, who now live in campers and homeless camps while transplants, foreign investors and foreigners on H1Bs get to live in the apartments or own houses they can no longer afford.

And when you get what's coming to you, don't you dare come running to Brooklyn or the other boroughs for "greener pastures." Stay out. We don't want you here. Even if we did, there's no room for you here, anyway, because of the mass numbers of transplants getting priced out of Manhattan and development tearing all the working class neighborhoods down to put up luxury towers and micro-apartments everywhere for their benefit.

I know this sounds harsh but after seeing how so many people in this city are willing to sell out to developers and Silicon Valley, I realized that there's no unity anymore among New Yorkers; it's now every man (or borough) for himself. So, if Queens wants to bend over for Amazon, bend over by all means. But don't expect the other boroughs--who've been fighting the good fight--to cushion the blow when all the best Amazon jobs wind up going to transplants, the transplants price you all out (because they'd be more more than happy to rent out your *****ty apartment for three times the amount that you're paying for it) and foreign real estate speculators and money launderers use LIC as their personal tax shelter and playground.

Jon said...

Companies hire talent. Every single company hires talent. What is a transplant? What person does not move for work? Everyone moves to get a job! Every single city has people coming and going for jobs. Half of New Jersey is made of former New Yorkers.

This has been going on since the beginning of time.

This talk of transplants and non-transplants is so dumb.

>>best Amazon jobs wind up going to transplants,

I do not like massive tax breaks for wealthy companies at all. It is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

"has a contract with the CIA" really JQ?

what kind of contract does he have with Central Intelligence? and how does Camp Peary factor in to any of this?

how about some proof of these claims?

Anonymous said...

Have no fear, everyone's favorite Democratic Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is on the case.

BTW, the jobs that Amazon was promising were all supposed to be $100k a year.

Joe Moretti said...

AND let's say many are $15/hr jobs. If you work 52 weeks a yea, never taking a week off, your gross pay is $31,200. That is GROSS, not take home. Even at gross, at $31,200, you certainly are able to afford LIC, or anywhere in the NYC area. By the way the 2017 Federal poverty level for a family of 4 is $30,750. For i person it is $15,060.

AND even if all 25,000 jobs had a salary of $75.000 that is still not enough money to live in LIC, Manhattan, etc. So is Amazon going to put up a big nice apartment building (and not made cheaply) for people under $75,000 a year at a monthly rent of $700. NO, they are not. They are going to get so many freebies and bring absolutely NOTHING to the table except chew it up and shit it all over the place, like San Fran, Seattle and everything else these tech companies, who pretty much make NOTHING do. Hell, even the so-called Geek God Apple Fonder Steve Jobs, could have done the right thing and had ALL is products made in the USA and provided well paying jobs for everyone. AND yes, phones would cost more, but at least they would last more than three months like most shit made in China, Taiwan and other places off the back of slaves.

Anonymous said...

"I'm for this. Jobs! Bring them on"

Thats what you think.
Like said those jobs are for transplants, foreign investors and foreigners on H1Bs.
Amazon wont be hiring any locals, not even to sweep floors!!
Its gonna a "closed shop" worse then the movie people.
Amazon will likely put up or buy floors of some towers to house these transplants & H1Bs.
Oh, that's coming and you'll see. All the stupid clueless people are being spoon fed rat poison and told it a gourmet meal !!

Anonymous said...

After 45 years in the computer industry (both hardware and software) I find it very difficult to believe this project will generate 25K hi-tech jobs. There must be a distribution center mixed into this project (lower paying jobs). It also means trucks on the road. Just what LIC needs.

Anonymous said...

And who will hold Amazon to those 25,000 jobs? Looks good on paper when you are negotiating with NYC, but...
Why not put them Downtown? Plenty of available space in the WTC buildings.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised that we got this so-called Amazon Headquarters, there were so many other cheaper, less regulated areas where this could have gone. The subways from Manhattan are maxed out now, they are even packed on the weekends, if they are running. This Amazon news is bad news for the locals, real estate prices are going to go through the roof... Congratulations Queens, we've been played again

Anonymous said...

Van Bramer and Gianaris are only grandstanding because they haven't been paid yet. Expect them to muzzle up and fold once the payola envelope shows up. The vast majority of Amazon hires at the tech level will be H1b foreign workers. Why would they hire American kids when a foreigner can be gotten for half the wages? Any non-tech jobs in the new Woodside warehouse will be "$19 per hour" which is a poverty wage in NYC. Amazon is also a slave-driver with warehouse help and it creates more cardboard box garbage than any company in America. Why does such a serial polluter and slave-driver get a free pass from the vocal loony Left?

Anonymous said...

The voters of San Francisco just passed Proposition C, which taxes all companies with gross receipts over $50million 1.75% to pay for the homeless situation they helped exacerbate. NYC is a right-to-shelter city (see Callahan v. Carey) and the homeless will just keep coming. The Cuomos and the Kennedys (Kerry, Andrew's ex, has paid bail to release lots of violent offenders back on the streets as they await trial) are THUGS.

Anonymous said...

They haven't talk about the details, the devil is going to be in the fine print. We are screw again, pass the Vaseline please .....

JQ LLC said...

Anon above


This was announced/reported by the Washington Post that Bezos bought the same day.

And this is what it is. For accruing cloud data, where Amazon is truly making getting their money's worth. And why the HQ3 is in Virginia.


As for the farm, well that was a joke and it's cool you caught that, I forgot the actual name of camp. I assume you also read Phillip Agee's book. The farm has nothing to do with it. Although technically (no pun intended) the Virginny HQ3 may be the farm for AWS.

Good catch by the last anon about Kerry Kennedy. It explains why #NYGovernorAndrewAmazon decided to release Herman Bell.

Good catch by the anon before that one about the potential workforce.

JQ LLC said...

The only thing I got from the five seconds of that hipshit Amazon stooge tech groupie Julie is that she is obviously in her 40's trying to be 22, with her clothing style and affected voice (now the predominant NY accent). Now I understand the existence of that vomitous show Younger.

Gary W said...

Anyone want to bet that Amazon's lawyers are smarter than NY's lawyers? There will be so many loopholes and escape clauses for Amazon we'll be losers for years

Amazon Viner said...

For the people wringing your hands about public infrastructure and transportation, why do you think the city's unconcerned about its resources becoming stressed? Do you really think it's an oversight, or is there something more sinister afoot?

I'll give you a hint. The reason starts with the letter D.

Let me give you a further hint: D_ _ S P _ _ C _ M E N _.

Anonymous said...

Its not going to create jobs for local people, look at how Amazon and other tech companies operate in their own local turf, the locals there only were hired in the initial phases to be gradually replaced by foreign h1b holders.
Most of Silicon Valley is mostly foreigners that were recruited by the local companies, not because they are smarter than locals but because they are cheaper and easier to toss than an American worker.

Anonymous said...

I remember back in the late 80s, early 90s being the only person on certain platforms waiting for train ...

That's scary.. it's like at night when no ones around and you will get killed. No wonder why nyc had a bad rep in the past.. it was a ghost town and only bad people live there. Now you have all sorta of people.

Anonymous said...

"I'm so thrilled Amazon HQ2 is coming to our community! I hope the media and the local politicians won't misrepresent LIC locals as being ALL AGAINST AMAZON MOVING TO LIC. That would be a gross misrepresentation of the FACTS. Many of us ARE FOR THIS."

You know, the only people who are for this that I know are

1) people who owns homes there in or near LIC who are renting it out to people or they living in there.
2) White collar workers.
3) Highly financially literate people
4) low educated people because they don't know what just happened.
5) real estate agents
6) politicians.

Most who are against it are
1) renters there or middle class who rents
2) people who doesn't lives there and don't own properties there
3) people who doesn't like change but don't own properties there.
4) politicians who just playing games to 'help' the nearby citizens who are critical of it.

In general anytime you hear 25k people, you will be like 'ugh.. too many people again." But dude, did you even know the city has been growning behind your back and you don't know it or by the time you know it , it's too late.. and it's more than 25k. 25k is not a lot compare to queens/brooklyn/manhattan population man.

Patrick Sweeney said...

Anything that increases private employment in New York City is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

The dope mayor and governor tell LIES or were too stupid to read or understand the boiler plate from Amazons lawyers. (and that's exactly what Amazon being smarter was counting on)

Its 25,000 jobs (including an undisclosed amount out outsourced jobs and 3rd party transportation & freighting agreements that already exist) split between the 2 facility's proposed for New York City and Arlington County Virginia.
Many Amazon employees work from home from special issued computers on VPN connections, --others use there own automobiles doing delivery's at all hours.
They want that by the water so barge delivery's can come in from the New Jersey ports (which is really where this shit really belongs)

When you have Marxism, racketeering, boilerplate, lies and secrecy at this extreme you can bet 100% a real disaster is cooking.

Sadly no surprise New Yorkers once again re-elected a governor who ROYALLY screw them after the election. --They never learn. Hopefully that Sandra Cortez can throw some wrenches into the works (she apparently has lots of energy and never quits)

Anonymous said...

Amazon's law team is way smarter then all these bastards involved put together.
They will roll these elected NYC fools like a joint, smoke them then shit on everybody.

Anonymous said...

Queens either gets a big company like this or homeless shelters. Wait till the jails start popping up. Think it’s time to pack the bags and leave this overcrowded city.