Monday, November 26, 2018

Special treatment given to big de Blasio donors

From CBS 2:

Shocking video has surfaced, documenting the easy access achieved by a pair of donors to Mayor Bill de Blasio who reportedly used gifts and bribes to weasel their way into the very heart of the New York Police Department.

A photo taken at a dinner showing donors Jeremy Reichberg and Jona Rechnitz bracketing then-NYPD Chief of Department Philip Banks takes on a new whole new meaning in light of the astonishing dash cam video played out at Reichberg’s trial on charges of bribing police officers.

The video shows Reichberg and Rechnitz, who has already pleaded guilty and is testifying as a government witness, somehow gain access to the heavily protected underground garage at the department’s headquarters in lower Manhattan.

“I would expect that the chief, the PC, sent us a representative to walk us up to the private elevator,” Rechnitz said. “I expect nothing less.”

Banks, who has not been charged with any wrongdoing, did in fact send an escort who can be seen greeting the pair effusively. Jurors were also shown pictures and video of the pair wearing Santa Claus hats and driving a black Aston Martin to deliver Christmas presents to officers, but it was the unfettered access to police headquarters that’s riled police experts.


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JQ LLC said...

They got away with what they wanted at the time because of the culture of patronage and corruption in the NYPD and city hall. Jacob was quoted saying that in the past, guys like him used to make a lot more money when Giuliani was mayor.

And you wanna bet this ties into all the gentrification going on involving Airbnb, predatory equity and weaponizing renovations in apartment buildings.

TommyR said...

This isn't right when these two bozos do it, and it isn't any less wrong when lobbyists do it to our elected officials - including the current POTUS. Hope they get locked away for a good and long time, but I remain cynical where money and influence are involved. And to leave you with an extra unpleasant echo:

"“Please salute us, officer, if you want to keep your job,” Rechnitz boasted.

Then, they can be heard barking orders as they entered the garage — a place that’s even off-limits to rank and file cops."


Anonymous said...

100% - and these are the same groups sorry but they are Jewish that are buying properties to turn them into profit making homeless shelters.

The shelter system isn't about helping the poor, it's about making money and destroying neighborhoods in the process. javascript:void(0)

This mayor is the worse thing that's happened to the city. I'm talking in cleanliness and quality of life. I haven't seen it this bad since the 90s and supposedly while unemployment is at a low... what's the reason for it Mr. Mayor?

Anonymous said...

Only 7 more years to go, right? Lucky us.

Anonymous said...

Nay, it is all about the Benjamins, not race or religion. Mayor Fugazio is an equal opportunity bribe taker.

Anonymous said...

Money talks and you know the rest! Crooked politicans, crooked cops and crooked donors are nothing new in NYC. This is news?

Anonymous said...

Why single out these two small fry schmucks?

What about the big tickets like Spectrum cable (Charter Communications), International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 3, all the TV and movie people including IATSE unions.
All gave the asshole mayor and Hillary Clinton millions

Anonymous said...

"Shocking" video - really???

Anonymous said...

Blogger Tommy Efreeti said..."including the current POTUS."
Here we go again !

JQ LLC said...

Correction, Jeremy said that thing about Rudy "truth insn't the truth" Giuliani.


Jeremy and Jona were throwing money around like mack daddies. Those two acted with utter impunity and were untouchable for the time being because of Jeremy's ties to the upper echelons of the NYPD top brass. It's a big club.

Note who greeted those two shitbricks. Phillip Banks. He was heralded to be the next police commissioner and whose promotion was pushed by none other than Chirlie McCray, who has practically turned her "first lady" designation as a de facto official. That is until he just suddenly dropped out and de Faustio went with Bratton.Anyway, Phillip Banks has taken the fifth in this case. He is going to get pinched soon.

A lot of their landlord and developer buddies held properties in Bushwick. And at least 3 landlords got busted for harassing and abusing their tenants, pulling that same construction weaponizing that Croman and Kushner were doing with their portfolios

I wouldn't be surprised Jona and Jeremy are sharing in the dirty lucre of the homeless crisis (yes, it's a crisis now). In fact I wouldn't be surprised if even the big boy developers and firms are getting a taste of the exploitative merchandising of poverty.

JQ LLC said...

Here we go again



Anonymous said...

Mind boggling Joe? You're kidding. Right? I can't believe they haven't brought this guy Banks up on charges or are not moving forward to find out who, his higher ups, gave the ok on all of this unauthorized behavior. A long, long, history here!

Anonymous said...

Remember when violent crime happens and seconds count; the police are always minutes away.

Anonymous said...

Banks provably ratted on everyone else.