Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Middle Village construction fence hosts painting & permits

Recently, yours truly came across a painting on a construction fence covered with DOB permits within the friendly confines of Middle Village. Well, this was certainly a new one! So, let's look into it.
The fence stands around what was the former site of a recessed bungalow-style house and a garage which were both torn down.
It's sure looking great now! What a boon to the neighborhood. That fence permit expired about a month ago, but there are no plans filed to do any further work at this site. Surely the local rodent population is grateful for the new habitat provided.


Anonymous said...

Robert Wood's "October Gold" if anyone is interested.

Gary W said...

Interesting Anon, I would have guessed Bob Ross.

Anonymous said...

Very good, both of you.

Anonymous said...

oh no wildlife, whatever shall we do? Concrete it up, no green allowed!

Anonymous said...


those don't look like "happy little bushes" to me.

TommyR said...

maspeth's comet and other concerned parties have been on point about keeping new development in character, to their credit. let's hope they're able to do so here as well. brick duplexes or triplexes would fit in just fine.

btw, great sleuthing on the art! there's some irony in that painting being used as a poster board for construction notices. .

JQ LLC said...

That painting has been artwashed by the D.O.B.

It reminds me of one of Banksy's re-appropriations.


But seriously, this is being done by design Crappy. It's too blight the area for a developer to get a sweet deal via

(Now brace yourselves everyone because I am going to write the name)

...Trump's tax cuts enacted a year ago to designate areas as distressed for opportunity zones if there is blight or if an area's has a poor population nearby.


(And for those who don't want to read the liberul NYT)


And there's also that arcane law the city is taking advantage of to kick people out of their homes even if they are well maintained like in residents brownstones in Bed stuy as Mr. Craptacular posted a few weeks ago.

JQ LLC said...

Good eye on the painting. I looked up October Gold but the tree on the left doesn't match. But Wood made lots of paintings like that, must have been a series.

I am curious about the irony of it. But all that detritus that's lying there confirms it. November Trash.

Little Jose and Taqueesha said...

It hurts me that they tore down such a sweet bungalow.