Sunday, November 18, 2018

DeBlasio fires guy that was investigating him

From the NY Post:

The mayor’s official pretext is that Peters had behaved “in a manner indicating a lack of concern for following the law” by improperly trying to replace the special schools investigator and supposedly lying to a de Blasio aide.

The real issue is surely that he’d done his job too well — better than the mayor expected when he installed his former campaign treasurer at the Investigations Department.

Peters exposed rampant mismanagement and systemic dishonesty at the Housing Authority, uncovered significant scandals at the Administration for Children’s Services and blew the whistle on how top mayoral aides lifted deed restrictions so that a Lower East Side nursing home could be sold to a real-estate developer for luxury condo.

And the firing comes as DOI has been investigating political interference in the Department of Education’s “probe” of Jewish religious schools that don’t teach their students non-religious subjects.

In that and other “matters now being pursued by DOI,” Peters told City Hall last month, “the mayor himself and/or his staff, are potentially a subject of investigation.”

Talk about fishy timing.


Anonymous said...

Mayor dumbdumb just wants everyone under his thumb and just wants people who will take his bullshit excuses for everything. But, you get what you voted for. The sheeple of this city made it LOUD AND CLEAR during the last election that they want the same shit in office. So I wouldnt be surprised if mayor dumbdumb gets elected into another term.

JQ LLC said...

De Faustio has reacted and done the same thing Trump did to Comey and Sessions. When Peters came in an got the job as a reward from de Faustio, surely the weak ass mayor was expecting from Peters unquestioning loyalty and fealty to him and was livid that Peters was the only official in de Faustio's cabinet that actually took his job seriously and rooted out the incompetence and corruption of the W.A.M.'s loyal subjects running the ACS, NYCHA and the prison system.

What probably pissed off de Faustio more (and more importantly Deputy mayor of housing and development Alicia Glen) was Peters probes into the Rivington House flipping and the criminal neglect and obfuscation of the poisoning of the tenants and their kids in NYCHA apartments.

Unfortunately, Peters slipped and got caught committing some abusive power moves, but at least he took responsibility and apologize and what he did was mild compared to the passive aggressive crimes of Mayor Big Slow and his dutiful moronic minions.
In fact, I wouldn't have minded the move to that office building he wanted because it meant that the DOI would have expanded and would have been able to root out more tweeding that's still going on.

Anyway, this move shows, like Trump, that the worm is starting to turn on this weak ass mayor and his criminal actions are going to catch up to him soon.

Like Keith Olberman once said on his short-lived viral series "You don't fire the guy who's investigating you"

It's like in de Faustio's mind, his devious methods and governing is justified because Trump does it too. This firing is going to bite him in his big dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem we have now with one party democratic rule in this city and state, and the fake news that blindly supports democrats. There will be a quiet article or two about this and then that will be that. No outrage, no investigations, just buisness as usual. The same way cuomo shut down his corruption commission with no problem.

Could you imagine the outrage and outright riots that would happen if Trump did the exact same thing?

Then these same polliticans, who fire anyone who questions them, will have the balls to bash the president about the Muller nonsense and how he is trying to stop an investigation that he hasn't even interfered with.

Anonymous said...

Trump Trump Trump Trump.... This really is getting tiresome.
The story is about the NYC Mayor not the White House.
Blaming POTUS #45 for everything under sun is mind-numbing !
#triggered TDS

Joe Moretti said...

I said it many times before. deBalsio is the Democratic version of Trump. He ran on a false promise ("A Tale of Two Cities" and make the situation worse) making you think he was going to be different (and he was not, even worse), he lies, he is corrupt, he hates the media when they tell the truth about him and he is a whiny B*tch. The only difference, deBlasio is more intelligent (making him even more dangerous), more well read and he does not have the hateful dangerous rhetoric that Trump has, otherwise they are twin sons of different mothers. But the really bad thing, Trump at least ran on who he was, deBlasio made himself out to be a progressive liberal, which he is so far removed from that (the Amazon debacle put the nail in the coffin). With Trump you at least knew what you were getting, deBlasio was a whole other story.

Anonymous said...

Peters is scum and the mayor is worse. Let's hope they each get indicted.

JQ LLC said...

at anon

Jesus Christ, get a grip on yourself. What no one can make an analogy anymore especially when it comes to precious snowflake Stronghead Trump (who hates our soldiers by the way) even when it excoriates the mislabeled socialists and liberals you hate like de Faustio? And Mario's son and Manifest Hillary (wear are the derangement syndromes for those, nowhere!)

Who are you to tell what people should say or write? This equivalency is true because both political parties and these particular "leaders" engage and wallow in corruption.

Funny how you hashtag TDS, because the people that suffering the most from that malady are the people in denial supporting Trump despite his political and personal vices and hypocrisies.

Carry on wayward Trumpers. Make America Great Again.

Joe Moretti said...

Anonyous said...

Trump Trump Trump Trump.... This really is getting tiresome.
The story is about the NYC Mayor not the White House.
Blaming POTUS #45 for everything under sun is mind-numbing !
#triggered TDS

No, what is getting tiresome are coward assholes like you not revealing your true name and hiding behind anon, that is tiresome. AND if you don't like people who talk about your asshole lover, then don't read it and just move on. NO ONE is blaming Trump for this shit in NYC, they are just comparing the same narcissistic dicks and above the law folks who feel the can do whatever, like deBlasio and Trump. AND shove your hashtag teenage crap up yours. You don't like something, don't read it, don't watch the channel, etc. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, no matter how tiresome your same bland shit is. Now keep hiding. AND please TRUMP is a total asshole, he proves that each and every day. I mean his comments about the California wildfires, "they were racking". WOW. I wonder how many people would actually make any comments, if they had to reveal their real names.

Cav said...

@JQ LLC and Joe Moretti

I can shorten your incoherent word salads to an inane "Orange man bad" and a pathetic "Muh reeeel progressive" attempt at the 'no true Scotsman' fallacy and it would still be utterly insipid.

Maybe you two rageheads can one day take a stab at actually thinking about these topics and posting something approaching intelligent and insightful comments instead of these emotional, logic and reason free, diatribes.

Hey, maybe you might finally get a clue, stop voting for progs expecting improvements or different results or living in a slum and wondering why it's so messy and dirty.
Hope springs eternal.

Don Cavaioli

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio firing the investigator brings to mind that Cuomo fired the Moreland Commission when it began to investigate him.

JQ LLC said...

Oh Don. Not all of us can be Vulcans and suppress their anger. Anger and rage are useful and reasonable emotions. Anger is what happens when injustice and corruption by officials are rampant and normalized. Hell, Trump revels in rageahol when he misinforms the masses at his rallies.

I know Trump is just the feature and not the bug in how our government is damaged and how the system is corrupted. But of course anyone that mentions it is one of those video game extras that you mentioned last week, so the argument ends right there.

I didn't vote for de Faustio in both elections. I couldn't vote for Alexandra because I didn't live in her district (although I am starting to get concerns about her half-measured stand on amazon, considering her campaign ordered 10 grand in merchandise and food from the putrid site) Hell, where was the exalted and unquestionably right Republican support for her opponent if she's such a threat to this nation like everyone said she was?

But what have these exalted Republicans accomplished in the last 2 years under Trump and 10 years ruling congress and the senate besides that oligarch welfare tax cut, which is actually having a deleterious effect on people making six figures?

Again, I clearly directed my rage at the fauxgressive neoliberals that approved that billion dollar early xmas present to Bezos and all that anon focused on was the one mention of Trump. It's absurd that people get triggered just because of mentioning his name. Perhaps you would be more comfortable to live in a nation state where a critical analogous reference would lead to punitive consequences like under the Phillipines Duerte, under the Saudi Royal Killer Bin Salaam, under NK Kim Jong Un, or under Brazilian nationalist leader Bolasarno.

And I hate Rachel Maddow too. With unadulterated anger and rage.

I like your comments Don and you are great writer (I am surprised you don't have a blog) but you should cut me and Joe and everyone here that rages out on their keyboards some slack.

Also Regards and smell you later.


P.S. Remember, As John Lydon once sang "Anger is an energy"

Anonymous said...

@Joe Moretti said...
"his comments about the California wildfires"+"don't read it and just move on"
Joe are you trying to suppress people with your obscenity "your asshole lover"?
He's dumb like a fox. Trump ALWAYS makes these ‘errors’ on purpose. Schitt was a really good one. He can walk through hell in the California wild fires and still troll the far left. This is why we elected Trump lmao!!!


Queens Crapper said...

Why does a discussion of what an asshole move de Blasio made end up as rants about Trump?

TommyR said...

Times coverage:

"Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday took the extraordinary step of firing his embattled investigations commissioner, Mark G. Peters, the culmination of a fierce rivalry between the two powerful men.

It was a rare and consequential action by a mayor to remove an investigations commissioner: The position is understood to come with a large degree of independence that allows impartial scrutiny of all areas of government, including the executive branch.

But the relationship between Mr. Peters and the mayor had severely deteriorated over time, and the last straw was an independent investigator’s report that found that Mr. Peters had abused his power and mistreated underlings, and said that he was “cavalier with the truth.”

Mr. Peters had produced numerous investigative reports that exposed significant failings in city agencies that were highly embarrassing to Mr. de Blasio, including lapses in performing lead paint inspections at the New York City Housing Authority, and the lifting of deed restrictions on a Lower East Side nursing home that permitted its sale to a developer of luxury condominiums."

Not a good look for BdB.

Anonymous said...

@ Queens Crapper said...
I agree Crapper Joe M and JQ LLC and others way to often bring POTUS 45 into the subject matter not related to your post. Why ? Who knowns/cares but it happens many times.
It's unnecessary out of place and not summoned but feeds the trolls.
Keep up the good work Crappy...

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Queens Crapper too,

Joe-M and JQ LLC are incapable of having a logical discussion without filtering it through a lens of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Every time you hear from these two it's more inane pablum about Trump.

Give it a rest and realize that the problems in this city are solely being caused by this mayor and the governor to a certain extent (e.g. MTA).

If you are incapable of assigning blame because you were stupid enough to vote for these moron progressives, that's no reason to attempt to assuage your idiocy by projecting blame on to the President who is, at least, trying to fend off socialist stupidity at the national level.

Try to concentrate and focus next time.
It's really not that hard.

Harry Haller

JQ LLC said...


I don't know, I just made an analogy. The others brought up Trump more than I did. But to clarify, de Blasio may be committing all these corrupt acts because he feels that Trump gets away with it (as well as just being a career and recidivist political criminal, he did work on #ManifestHillary's carpetbagging senate campaign, oops I mentioned Clinton, I veer off the subject matter again). And besides, Trump fired the guy, Preet, investigating de Blasio. Then that weak replacement took over and donor money dancing Cy Vance dismissed your mayor without a charge but a weak ass condemnation-"He broke the spirit of the law" Apologies for initiating this Trump thread

As for the hashtagger. Well, just mentioning the bad orange man once was enough to easily trigger you. And thanks for pointing out Trump's alleged purposeful gaslighting too for the sheer amusement of "trolling" Shows your willful ignorance to let Trump off for everything. I bet Trump bailed on the WW1 and Arlington memorials was a similar brilliant move to feed the trolls.

Really, how often have I brought up the bad orange man as much as I condemned the fauxgressives running this town to the ground and disenfranchising the constituency from their towns?


It doesn't look good but The Dope From Park Slope doesn't give a shit anymore especially how bad he comes off. He clearly thinks that everything he does is for the common good and he will be regaled as a saint when he leaves office. Because there are no goddamn standard as far as our bought and sold elected and appointed government official hacks are concerned.

Goodnight y'all from Impunity City. Your city.

One more to the hashtagger: Why didn't you just write a comment about the subject matter of this post instead of trolling me and Joe instead?

JQ LLC said...

Good morning.

Hi Harry

I didn't vote for de Faustio or Cuomo. Both times. (I did both for Andy Amazon the first time though, it was a mistake, but his opponent was a bonafide kook)

Your hero Trump is starving the states of funding and directing all money to the wealthiest who are hoarding it. And is using the presidency to enhance his personal wealth and build his putrid brand.

My intent was to put the spotlight on the criminal actions of de Faustio as I always do, comparing Big Slow to Stronghead Trump is not to exonerate or dismiss fault the former. Sorry you can't or refuse to see the logic behind it. But that's not hard to do is it? Just accuse people of having TDS over and over again.

Remember, if you are in NY and NJ Trump raised your taxes too.

And where is that trillion dollar infrastructure program and the wall? For the latter, all there is beautiful barbed wire.

Joe Moretti said...

Sorry Crapper, but myself and JQ LLC did NOT do a rant on Trump, your troll followers did that, because that is exactly what they wanted to do and these "the other white meat snowflakes" got their feelings hurt.

I just made a comparison between our asshole Dem Mayor (who loves to criticize Trump while having some of the same personality traits) and our an asshole Republican President (or are we at the point where we cannot criticize a president like is the case in Russia and other third world dictatorships, I mean Trump won the election and still goes on and on about Hillary, talk about getting old, YOU WON THE ELECTION) and it seems that JQ did the same, making a comparison. Your troll followers (which there are many on here, 5 just on this post alone with their childish hashtags - guess they cannot complete whole sentences) who are incapable of making an intelligent comment about a post or comprehending what they read, went on a rampage because their little feelings got hurt because someone dare speak negatively of a president who is a complete idiot and so very unpatriotic they he cannot even make an appearance for Veteran's Day.

Neither of us wrote comment after comment of all those idiotic hash tags like "#triggered TDS" or "#orangemanbad", which are a step below the idiotic twitter, which is a step below the idiotic Facebook, all mind controlling crap (pardon the pun) leading to mind control, fake facts and misleading stories.

AND again, READ & COMPREHEND TROLLS, neither of us said the MTA, etc are caused by Trump, hell they were not even started with deBlasio. BUT if you paid attention in history or social studies class in school (and do the even teach those courses today), yes cities can have repercussions to an extent from a President, BUT again, I am not saying the MTA and other shitty things in this city are Trump's fault.

And now let the Queens Crap troll train roll out some more. AND by the way, if any of you trolls every read JC's Impunity City (although I know it is not coded with hashtags, has more than 40 characters, has not cat or baby vidios and you actually have to sit down and do something unique like READ something longer than twitter and then comprehend it, most of you do not even have an iota of insight, facts and research to even write something like that, but if you do, then write your own damn blog, book, whatever, because writing #dumbass is journalism for morons. But then some of you probably still get your news from Facebook, you know the "most reliable source of goings on in the world" and all the while happening to make a lucky twit social misfit even richer and then not even do anything when he and his company knew the Russians were using Facebook in this here country. TALK about UNPATRIOTIC.

Anonymous said...


It's funny that you say President Trump is "starving the state of money" when in fact New York state has been on a downhill run for years under Cuomo who has presided over the dubious honor of having NY ranked 49th for business tax climate:

You might ask yourself why NY has been going downhill? Because people like Joe Moretti go full retard when you even mention the unfunded pension liabilities racked up by unions. Right, unions cost ALOT to pay off and keep happy. Everyone retires on some kind of 3/4 disability pension or gets paid more than a vascular surgeon with their overtime lulus. Look up the famous Port Authority gardeners making more bank than a corporate lawyer or the state psychiatric hosp. nurses pulling down more than a park avenue plastic surgeon. Something's wrong when the public sector is making multiple times more than the private sector which funds the taxes to pay for them.

Especially when you promise them everything under the sun for their slavish vote.

Especially public sector unions which are funded by private sector taxation and function as an arm of the Democrat party.
Unions are also corrupt. Unions have had their place in the history of this nation's middle class growth but as another poster has stated, times change and they are not the protector of the middle class that they once were.
We're moving from the post-war manufacturing economy to the consumer/service economy. I'm not saying that's necessarily a good thing, just what it is. The unions have thus become more political arm twister for Democrats than working man's savior. Trump is the only guy trying to help preserve the middle class by not letting millions of people flood in to price them out of jobs.

If you really want to talk about saving the middle class, begin by discussing how unfettered immigration (legal and illegal) has impacted wage growth and Americans without college degrees looking for work. The Democrat party is the one advocating all immigration all day long, without regard for the fact that we're awash in laborers from someplace else.

On Trump's wall, it's already started being built despite Democrat opposition:

Joe Moretti (#The Troll Hunter, LOL)

Listen up cupcake. You like your union. We get it. Now you have to start understanding that all that crap the union feeds you through their emails and monthly newsletters is meant to keep you in the dark.
All you need to find your way out of The Stupid, is reason and good ol' Western logic. (by Western, I mean more Descartes than John Wayne, but either will do).

So here goes:
DeBlasio = sanctuary city = socialism = more taxation= more welfare boondoggles = BAD.

Cuomo=more taxation= more regulation= more spending= BAD.

Trump= loud and boisterous= ill mannered= less hordes of people competing for jobs= less taxation= tells it like it is= doesn't need the money, already a billionaire= protecting American interests first= GOOD.

Capiche? Comprende? Sayonara!

Harry Haller (Hint; it's a literary reference)

Joe Moretti said...

Yes, Harry Haller, some of us get your Hermann Hesse reference, but I doubt Trump would or even know Herman Hesse, even if you gave him a blatant hint.

I would argue with you that many companies pulling out of the USA so their greedy CEO's cohorts could make even more money (and technology as well)have cost this country more jobs than immigrants have (and you are right, times change and consequences do happen with change, nothing stays static). And you are going to tell me that there are many men and women in this country, who are not immigrant willing to pick fruit and vegetables all day for low wages. Check out the economic disaster with Alabama in 2011 when they booted out immigrants working on farms and then had to reverse that decision because they could not even get prisoner's to do the jobs. Your points regarding immigration and unions are correct to an extent, but it is not the whole complete picture either. It is not always black or white, right or left, liberal or conservative......................there is a big grey area.

But really, you believe Trump is in your corner because that is like believing deBlasio is in the corner of liberals. And we really don't know how much Trump is worth too, because we have not seen any of his tax returns, plus Daddy Trump gave his little boy, loads of money, not the meager amount he has always stated.

JQ LLC said...

Re: Harry Haller

I thought that name sounded familiar.

Anonymous said...

@Harry Haller (Hint; it's a literary reference)
The Hashtagger...

Little Jose and Taqueesha said...

Mark Peters for Mayor
Cupcakes in every lunch box