Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Not your routine stop work order

In the 12 years we've been at this (has it really been that long?) we've come across a number of SWOs posted on buildings. But the story behind this one at 64-00 Metropolitan Ave is like none ever profiled here before.
You can learn a new way to get an ECB violation every day around these parts.

And wait, there's more! The plot thickens...

There are a slew of complaints about this building, and they're interesting to read.


JQ LLC said...

This is Ridgewood correct?

I haven't been in that town in a long time, but I can only imagine how overpopulated it's become with the hipsters priced out of Brooklyn and moving there because they consider it Brooklyn, and also an influx of poor people losing their apartments and immigrants trying in desperation to find an affordable place to live.

There is a housing dystopia going on and it's become a free-for-all because of this corrupt mayor.

Queens Crapper said...

It's actually Middle Village but very close to Ridgewood.

TommyR said...

Fresh pond is the boundary line (in my mental conception of the geography of things, which of course is infallible and never incorrect ;) between the two.

JQ I drive through both (areas) ALL the time. Like twice daily, if not more. It (meaning RW) is not significantly more populated now that it was 6 years ago. MV, less so - if at all. The area is certainly "kept" a certain way to discourage rapid influx of émigrés. That's not to say people don't move in- but it's done in such a smooth, unadorned way and you don't hear about it among the people who do, both because they like the rents and (comparatively) more spacious abodes (vs North Bklyn) and because you don't brag about things like that if you're smart. REI has been jacking off about Ridgewood for years but unfortunately for them the area has far fewer sell-outs and movers-on than say Kew Gardens, Forest Hills, Williamsburg, etc.

All that said, here's a link to the actual(?) building since Crapster didn't include it (he usually does, though, helpfuly):

64-00 Metropolitan Ave

TommyR said...

Quote from one of your screen-captures:


No emergency exist indeed. I feel like the necessity of these things scales up drastically as more units are added or the height goes up, most assuredly, but...this is a two story (at most 2 family, though it doesn't really matter if that number was doubled) wood-frame. I suppose if fire code necessitates it there must be some logical and sound premise that requirement is built (ha) on. I don't see the point of this particular SWO but then my buildings don't lack for alternative exists...but they're also all less than 3 storeys. Is it saying that in order for work to be done, an emergency roof exit in case of fire needs to exist for the duration for the work-done (for the workers' rapid egress?)

Pray tell, where in the flying flippity fuckity foo would these hypothetical workers go in case of a fire, once they'd (trapped) themselves on the roof of a currently burning structure? If the scenario isn't pertinent, specifically, to workers, but to tenants, then the same query applies..

This is why you try to vet your tenants carefully and work out a mutually respectful and enjoyable relationship with them. A bitchy tenant with a hard-on for complaining is a giant PITA. That said, there was a ten year gap in complaints, so the LL prob decided he wanted to get more for his taxes paid and do things illegally, being stuck with a lease that he felt wasn't profitable enough. No sympathy wasted on him, then.

JQ LLC said...

Thanks for informing me Tommy. And that is actually good news to hear. But beware the ides of Amazon, for the pilgramage of overpaid frivolous tech weenies will certainly look at the burghs with interest.

Here's hoping Ridgewood and MV stays habitable and normal.

The hashtagger II

Anonymous said...

64-00 used to be Gronert's Bakery and Delicatessen. Right next door at 63-98 was the Spreitzer Butcher shop and next door to that was a builder of wooden staircases and on the corner of Admiral Avenue was, and still is, a gas station.